Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The MH370-Diego Garcia Pearl Harbor-III WWIII trigger


Jane Doe A.C.T (Airline Crashes Truth) Movement

138. Our first statement on 11 March 2014, that MH370 was shot down by US-made HEL (High Energy Laser) weapon, guided and vaporised in South China Sea, was met with wide disbelief. 

MH370 vaporised by US Laser weapon in South China Sea

139. Since then, many including Leuren Moret, Tim Clark and Marc Dugan (among the more well-known) have publicly said the same, in essence.

Former Proteus Airlines boss Marc Dugain claims MH370 may have been shot down by US military
A SECOND senior airline industry source has revealed his belief that there is some sort of conspiracy behind the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Emirates president and CEO Sir Tim Clark made world headlines in October when he revealed his doubts about the fate of the missing plane, which disappeared early in the morning of March 8 this year.

In an interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel, Sir Tim voiced his scepticism about the complete lack of wreckage from the incident, and the electronic satellite “handshakes” which positioned the plane in the southern Indian Ocean.

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Expressing scepticism ... Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline. Picture: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesSource: Contour by Getty Images

Now a second senior airline industry source has voiced his doubts about the fate of the plane, with the even wilder claim that the Boeing 777 may have been shot down by US military personnel who were fearing a September 11-style attack on the US Navy base on Diego Garcia.

Part 1 - Leuren Moret: Confirmed – MH370 shot down by US over Singapore Airspace

140. How would the MH370 incident trigger the next global war (WWIII) between the BRICS alliance and the Western EVIL (Euro Vatican Israel London_centred_colonies) Alliance?

141. The same modus operandi that started WWII, the Vietnam War, the Afghan - Iraqi wars and many others using false flag pretexts. Pre WWII, economic sanctions, disinformation and deceptions lured Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor. 911 is now widely believed to be an inside job, orchestrated by the CIA and Mossad, contrived at the highest level of the military in the Bush Administration.

142. Malaysia has been a crony state of the Western EVIL alliance, since PM Mahathir was forced to step down in 2003. It is too much of a mere coincidence that MH370 was shot down en route to Beijing and the MH17 Crash (5 months later) blamed on Russia. There would have been a third MH disaster on 13 Sept, 2014 if not for the quick action of the captain of MH198 en route to India. Three MAS planes involving three major nations of the BRICS alliance. If that is not a provocation for WWIII, then Diego Garcia-Pear Harbor III might just do it. 911 was Pearl Harbor II.

143. What saved flight MH198?

144. Awareness. Many published articles pointing to Contrived Airplane Crashes (CAC) courtesy of the US and Israelis covert operations. The unprecedented MH series of near-misses and crashes could not have all happened within a year, even for the most safety lax airline. MAS was known for its safety records, until Najib Razak took over as the PM and appointed his loyal cousin, Hishammudin, as the minister for 2 key ministries, Defence & Transport a year before MH370 Crash. An unprecedented move indeed. A year precisely, to set up the stage for the planned airline crashes; giving unhindered covert military access to MAS operations and Malaysian territorial waters.

145. Laser weapons are highly effective and accurate. Like all EMP attacks, the electronics are fried first and the target vaporised in seconds. That is, under optimal atmospheric conditions. On 13 September, 2014, Typhoon Kalmaegi was intensifying over the Philippines with heavy cloud cover over the Straits of Malacca at precisely the point MH198 was supposed to be vaporised by the US-made HEL. Lasers do not work well with heavy moisture. This is the most direct evidence.

146. All the previous major airline crashes like 911, Lockerbie, TWA 800 etc  were tied to global market manipulations and massive insider trading. The MH crashes are no exception.

147. The Economic Sanctions, Cajoling and Posturing are all part of the deceptive art of war strategies. If the BRICS alliance especially Russia still cannot be provoked into a global war with the Western Evil Alliance (WEA), then a contrived false flag of Pearl Harbor I proportion may be initiated by the CIA-Mossad insiders within the Diego Garcia base. Then blamed it on  BRICS-based terrorists, to force WWIII on the world, whether we want it or not.

148. To all global citizens of this planet, do not play into the Cabal controlled WEA war incitement deception. The world had suffered enough in WWII, the cold war and in the never-ending War on Terror. All these mass sufferings, in order that a few wealthy elites can continue to control and manipulate the world. Conquest by Deception - Wage War by Deception.