Sunday, 6 April 2014

Philip Wood & Sarah Bajc were both crisis actors in False Flag Boston Bombing. MH370 also another USN Inside Job.

Last updated: 14 April 2014
Watch out for this post. Continuous updating post as readers send in their contributions. To stop all these premeditated mass murders, we have to stop supporting their crisis actors. They are nothing but leeches sucking enormous amount of compassion and sympathy out of society while their paymasters play the game behind the scene.

Confirmed: Phillip wood, the IBM engineer / manager was a crisis actor in the Boston Marathon False Flag Bombing. If that was confirmed to be an inside job, then MH370 must also be a USN inside job.

In this interview on 10 March 2014 with CBS, it was stated that Sarah Bajc was an economic teacher.

Speaking to CBS News' Seth Doane at the Beijing home she has shared with Wood, Bajc was overwhelmed with emotion.
"The clothes in his closet are the worst," she said. "I open the closet and it smells like him."
"I often felt like we were -- like it was just too perfect -- how could this happen... you know, you're almost 50 -- he'd just turned 50 -- and you find the love of your life, a soul-mate," she recounted to Doane through tears. "How could fate have allowed him to come into my life, only to take him away again?"

But researcher-journalist Yoichi Shimatsu on the Jeff Rense found out she was the Managing Director of Tescom, Israel.

Not only that. She also appeared in Boston Marathon False Flag Bombing.

Girlfriend Of Passenger On Flight 370 Says A Family Member Saying Plane Was Followed By Fighter Jets

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