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Don't Blame MH370, Blame 50 years of BN's Rule by law

One of the most accurate assessment why MH370 happens and why Malaysia bumbled up so badly in the cover-up. We deserve the govt we foolishly elect. We grow fat, lazy and complacent from the easy spoon-fed rose-tinted Malay-First policy. But Malaysia is not the only one. Look at Big Brother US and the Americans too. They too, are heading to a bigger fall.

Written by Christopher Fernandez
Finally, after years of slothful slumber, Malaysians are beginning to become aware of the political ploys of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government that is now witnessing a host of evil afflicting the country. When Malaysians were warned earlier on, they failed to pay heed.
DON'T BLAME MH370, Malaysia was already beginning to DIE & DECAYThe missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 tragedy has pummeled in with full force the failures and dire consequences of the BN's misguided racial supremacy and corrupt policies.
These have plunged the nation and the Malay community in particular into disgrace by showing up to all and sundry around the globe how utterly inept and incompetent this country really is viz a vis the rest of the developed and fast-developing world.
Now there is despair and despondency as we witness how our physical environment and landscape has been destroyed causing untold carbon emission and climate change.
The change is so bad that Malaysians no longer enjoy breathing clean air, there are water shortages and scarcity in various areas of the country and indiscriminate and haphazard development has contributed to a slew of environmental and health hazards such as deaths by dengue.

But worse is yet to come

Malaysians are unhappy. The reason they are unhappy, though most voted for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the 13th GE, is because of the widespread spread of evil and corruption throughout the country.
It is feared that worse is yet to come. The political situation since the last general election has continued to worsen and deteriorate.
BN's corrupt regime is fearful of losing their ill-gotten gains and the fear of losing their spoils from corruption is causing them to inflict further harm and cruelty on innocent Malaysians.
Though they are unwelcome, BN, through clear rigging of the 13th GE, are still in power and there is reason to believe that they will become more evil and ruthless in their bid to stay in power.
Malaysians of all walks of life must brace themselves and be prepared for this backlash from BN as they try to stay in control of the country though more and more Malaysians wish for them to be booted.

What should Malaysians do?

There is a marked change now in Najib and Hishamuddin after the unknown fate of the missing MH370 Malaysia Airlines flight. They have begun to look meek and are not so "gung-ho" over their "ketuanan Melayu" style of governance.
They have begun to realize that there is a need for BN to muster the support of the other races in order for Malaysia to move forward.
But for them, this realization comes a bit too late as PR has already been on the job long before them. There is that belief therefore that BN will no longer be able to earn the trust of the Chinese and with Wayathamoorthy's exit, the trust of the Indians is also probably gone.
With support for PKR and Parti PAS coming in stronger from the Malay heartland, BN is only left with the support of UMNO. This means it is not BN but UMNO that is governing Malaysia, which is wrong.
MCA and MIC lack support and Gerakan and PPP are also BN parties that have been deserted by Malaysians though they are trying to rebuild themselves.
What is evidently taking place is that Najib and UMNO have painted themselves into a corner and find themselves increasingly cut off and isolated from the rest of Malaysians.
This is why the popular vote is with PR and there is growing evidence to suggest now that the popularity of PR is beginning to soar as the sodomy conviction of Anwar Ibrahim has backfired on BN.

Between sodomy and murder

Malaysians are doing the right thing this time round by rallying behind Anwar and his family as the "sodomy sandiwara," an evil ploy of BN to prevent the rise to power of PR has begun to make Malaysians tired, sick and fed up with these antics.
This is what has been envisaged, after far too many rounds of sodomy accusations against a family man like Anwar, the voters of Kajang weighed in heavily on Wan Azizah's side, the person who should best know if Anwar is a sodomite.
The fact that she is lending her weight of support to Anwar shows that she is not in belief that he is a sodomite unlike couples that can get away with murder as a cover-up of their corrupt misdeeds in this country.
Which is more believable of leaders of the opposing political divide, sodomy or murder? It is for Malaysians to carefully think over and reason and analyze before drawing an intelligent conclusion.
This is the reason why Kajang voters voted overwhelmingly in favor of Wan Azizah as a start-up bid to rid the country of evil and corruption.

What next for Malaysia?

The anticipated victory in Kajang is not the end but will signal the dawn of a new era for PR and Malaysia. Malaysians are rallying in far greater numbers to have their civil liberties restored and for fair play, meritocracy and justice and true democracy to be in place.
This also means that the real and true political villains in this country will be brought to book and charged in a competent court for crimes and atrocities against the people of Malaysia through their years of corrupt action and wrongdoing while in power.
It will be easy to do this under the reign of a PR government as all that needs to be done is for an open and transparent inquiry and investigation to be conducted by following the paper trail of the billions of ringgit that have been pilfered by BN leaders of the past and present.
This is the wealth of the people. Since it is the wealth of the people that have been siphoned by BN leaders it needs to be re-couped and placed back in the financial coffers of the country for the better administration and governance of Malaysia by a PR government.
This means from now to the expected exit of BN in the near future, PR needs to go to the ground more seriously, unite and be in consensus of issues affecting the people and nation and stand firm and forceful against corruption which is the downfall of BN.
There has to be an egalitarian approach to governance and the full tenets and obligations of democracy practised by PR as this is the only way Malaysia will be able to haul itself up and come up in standing in a globalized world.

From Kajang to the end result

Malaysians are now able to witness how from PR's Kajang Move, the "Malaysian Spring" is finally on the horizon and the days of governance by dictators and despots will finally be over and free Malaysians from the tyranny of BN's oppressive governance and rule.
This should and would be the real "Merdeka" as Malaysians become free and independent from the evils of corruption and injustice as practised by BN.
While BN has been trying by its transformation policies to make-over its image as a corrupt and evil government, unfortunately what they have done is nothing more than make superficial changes.
The real fact is that this country is now beginning to die and decay. The rot and evil of BN's governance has set in and it will be a long, hard uphill struggle and climb now for Malaysians to break free from the shackles of BN's governance.
But as can be witnessed from the 13th GE and what is now happening in Kajang, Malaysians are wiser and on the right track by giving in to PR to form the next elected government of Malaysia.

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