Monday, 14 April 2014

Houston, we have a problem, a big problem.

MH370......Houston, we have a problem, a big one!

Houston.....Yes, go ahead, speak your problem.

MH370......we have crashed in S China Sea and our souls trapped ..unable to pass on.

Houston ... how is that? and how may I help?

MH370..... They won't let us thru the soul-transfer gate. Apparently a glitch in the soul-transfer immigration processing.

Houston ... So?

MH370..... Far too many prayers are going to the wrong place; citing South Indian Ocean as our “Place of Death”. It's in error by a few thousand miles. We will be the lost souls of South China Sea if we can't get admitted.

Houston ... (remain cool, so cool as in still dead..pun intended). How can I be of assistance?

MH370..... Tell the truth.

Houston ... No can do. Beyond my designated duties. Can't you explain this is just an earthly screw-up by the M'sian authorities?

MH370..... No. Words don't mean anything to “them”. It is the number that counts. 99% to 1% is too much to account for the few % who do not know South Indian Ocean from South China Sea.

Houston ... Any way to reroute these prayers?

MH370..... No. It has to come from the heart. Diversion won't work.

Houston ... We really do have a problem then. What about if I organize mass prayers in Perth but ask them to focus on the Lost RADAR location in the South China Sea? Would that do?

MH370..... 3D (deception, diversion, doublespeak) means nothing at 4D & beyond. It is what they think as the “place of death” that is important.

Houston ... Oh dear! A mighty big problem if I may add.   

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