Saturday, 12 April 2014

Police Invetigation: MH Mangosteen plot fell flat on the face.

If the missing MH370 plane is not mysterious enough, how about 4 tons of mangosteens that did not seem to come from anywhere in the country?

According to the Johor Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) the mangosteen fruits are just budding and can only be harvested in June.

Makes you wonder if there were really 4 tons of mangosteens in the missing Boeing 777 in the first place?

Desperately out of viable options (after the failures of the Iranian Hijack story, lithium cargo explosion, Casanova co-pilot suicide attempt, Political Zealot pilot's revenge and dozens of ludicrous plot options),the politically-linked IGP thought he had struck on a brilliant plot never thought of before. The "explosives hidden in the normally harmless mangosteens cargo" plot. This would earn him a handsome retirement package in some govt-owned conglomerates. 

No one would blame airport security for not scanning and checking the normally harmless crates of exotic fruits. It has not happened before. Definitely not with mangosteen anyway.

Although there were more than 140 incidents between March 1991 and February 17 this year with dangerous cargo like lithium batteries, only in rare cases err..err, sorry, only 1 case (UPS Airlines Flight 6) was serious enough to cause a jetliner to crash while attempting an emergency landing (September 2010).

Even in the most serious case analysis, the crew could manage an emergency landing. Definitely ruling out any "instantaneous loss of electronic radio communication". Further if they were to push the lithium battery case too far, there could be a world-wide ban on lithium air-cargo. A consequence too economically disastrous to contemplate, even for the masterminds of the MH370 fiasco.

Why not durians, an even more exotic fruit? At 4 tons, the whole plane might not have taken off due to the "offensive pungent smell" (to many foreigners at least). It is also the policies of many airlines not to allow durians to be brought on board the passenger planes.

So mangosteens was the obvious perfect choice to be the culprit "fall-fruit".

But like the "crash scene too far" fabrication, they forgot one critical point. The mangosteen fruits were not yet in season. But what do the foreigners know. That is until the police were forced to investigate. That's when the "mangosteen plot" fell flat on the face.

Of course FAMA would not keep quiet. Who would? They are likely to suffer huge losses in the future if there is a world-wide ban on air-shipment of mangosteens. Perhaps they should have fabricated the banana explosion version. But then Malaysia is not a major exporter of bananas and which country would want to be labelled as a Banana Republic.

If you are in urgent need of a job and have the cunning ability to spin, there are plenty of job opportunities with the Malaysian authorities, Malaysian Airlines, Police and Air-force. Foreigners are welcome but only, if you are well versed with the local fruits and fruiting seasons knowledge. Present PM of Australia, John Young and Angus Houston need not apply. 

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