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308-MH370 - the saga of political expediency and top level conspiracy

Jane Doe  A.C.T  (Airline Crashes Truth) Movement
    (developing story – last updated on 21 March 2014)

100. Ever since the “News of the World” scandal broke in 2011 (following revelations of unscrupulous hacking and spying), people have become more aware of the fact that mainstream media journalists are not as professional and incorruptible as they were made up to be. Journalists used to report the news, not make them.

101. The military, DHS, TSA and other quasi-governmental transport (including airport security) agencies are supposed to make air travel safe. Not play Russian Roulette with our lives, each time we travel. Air travellers and crew are not cannon fodder for political missiles to be ordered “ala carte” for whatever geopolitical objectives. We have since learned that 911, dubbed as America's 2nd Pearl Harbour by PNAC, was an inside job planned many years ahead of the disaster. Questions are now being asked whether other major airline crashes had been orchestrated as well. Some of the worst air crashes in question are Air India flight 182 on 23 June 1985, Pan AM flight 103 (aka Lockerbie Bombing) on 21 Dec 1988 and TWA flight 800 on 17 July 1996, just to name a few. And now we have MAS flight MH370 on 8 March 2014 where MAS stands appropriately for Missing Airline Story.

102. Those who are working, had worked or have connections to the air travel industry, would agree without any doubt that air travel is one of the safest mode of transport. There are just too many controls for the terrorists to get past the boarding departure gates undetected, let alone plant any bombs inside the targeted plane. All major airline crashes were the results of series of serious safety and security lapses, NOT JUST ONE. Mathematically, a series of lapses by several independent parties would be neigh high impossible. Yes, there must be a huge unseen hand pushing the process through. This is best illustrated by the TV comedy series,GET SMART. The patsies can be as bumbling as Agent 86 aka Maxwell Smart (maybe that is the intentional mass distraction) but the covert driving forces behind the scene, get the job done eventually.

103. That said, all the crimes of airline crashes and mass murders could be easily exposed and the real criminals prosecuted. So far we have seen only political expediency and miscarriages of justice. Would such gross injustices be possible under the watchful eyes of the NTSB and other air crash experts/investigating bodies, responsible and professional journalists who would ask difficult questions instead of parroting the official lines, and an unbiased uncompromising judiciary system. Sadly, the answers are evident for all to see. More than a dozen of premeditated airline crashes-murders and no big fishes prosecuted. The cover-ups by the MSM and regulators are no longer mere suspicions but a fact.

104. It is plainly clear that present stringent air travel regulations, work rather well in preventing random acts of terrorism, temporary insanity and personal grudge sabotage. How come the security nets could catch these small fry but not the “untouchable” big ones? There can be no doubt the series of safety and security lapses were deliberately allowed to pass through “unnoticed” on special occasions.

105. Why is 8th of March 2014 so special? It is the 6th anniversary of the Malaysian GE12 political tsunami. A political milestone in Malaysian history. Missing a large Boeing 777 on this day seems too much of a coincidence. No political connection would be missing the forest for the trees. Hours before the missing plane took off, the charismatic opposition leader (Anwar Ibrahim) was again unjustly sentenced to 5 years jail for a crime of impossible anal penetration. Perhaps ASHOLE JUSTICE would forever marred the Malaysian judiciary system. Just as MAS would now stand for Minister of ASSHOLE Sandiwara (a Malay term for drama) in the light of constant flip-flops, comedy of errors, denials and questionable statements by the acting Minister of Transport.

106. As Defence Minister, Hishammuddin failed to explain why the Malaysian military radars failed to detect the missing plane from the point of last known location (by the civilian airport system) across the peninsula into the Straits of Malacca for at least 1 hours all within the country's protected airspace. The “missing plane” changed course and flew over four states in Malaya and yet was not detected by the military radars. So either the military chief lied or the military defence system is a total sham, incapable of detecting any air space intrusion.

107. Could it all be mere coincidences? That Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein (son of former 3rd PM) took over the Defence Ministry and acted as the Minister of Transport (without prior experience) all in one go on 16 May 2013. This is unprecedented. No one has held the all important post of Minister of Defence in addition to the Minister of Transport at the same time. The Transport Ministry has always gone to the Chinese-based MCA party, a senior member of the BN coalition government. Eye browse were raised when Najib decided to pass both the Defence Ministry and Transport Ministry to his trusted cousin, Hishammuddin in the cabinet reshuffle following the worst BN election results 55 years.

108. Najib had been an interesting but controversial Defence Minister from 1991 till 1995 and from 2000 to 2009 when he relinquished the post after becoming PM. Many of the controversial military engagements occurred during his tenure at the Defence Ministry. Besides the accusation of abnormally high corrupted military spending, he was also involved in the military cover-up of US involvement in the 2004 Boxing day Indian Ocean Tsunami, assisted in the arrest of suspected terrorists in the 2004 Bali Bombing and oversaw the deployment of Malaysian peace-keeping troops in the 1993 Bosnia war, 1993 Somalia operations and 2006 Lebanon war. But the most damning controversial corruption allegation was the purchase of 2 Scorpene submarines from the French DCNS in 2002. Two of his officially-assigned bodyguards were charged and found guilty of the gruesome murder of a pregnant Mongolian woman (Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa). Her body was blown to pieces using military grade C4 explosives. Baginda (Najib's confidante and advisor) admitted Altantuya was his mistress and was trying to blackmail him at the time of her death. Altantuya was allegedly hired as a French translator in the Scorpene deal but all matters relating to Najib (including the romantic link to Altantuya and the Scorpene blackmail issues) were expunged and totally blocked in the murder trial. It was one of those rare murder trials where the judge, prosecutor and defence attorneys all “jumped” to objection whenever the keywords Najib, Rosemah (Najib's wife), DCNS, Scorpene and related issues were mentioned in court.

109. As a PM, Najib is also perceived to have the closest ties to the US. He had the most number of contacts and visits to the White House, officially (and unofficially). Such an unusually close relationship with the White House (a convenient ally to be called upon to return a favour in times of need) however seemed to have escaped the attention of the mainstream media in particular the so-called investigative CNN reporting. There is no smoke without fire. We had been led down the wrong rabbit hole many times before by the likes of CNN, BBC, CNBC etc. Remember BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7, at least 20 minutes before it actually did. Remember the phantom 911-planes that could cut through solid steel columns and vaporise the Twin Towers in less than a couple of hours? IRAQ's missing weapons of Mass Destruction, anyone? And now, the missing plane of mass suicide. Best of all, the “leave no trace except for a few planted debris” crime of mass destruction. Fasten your safety belts. You ain't seen nothing yet.

110. Any wonder both the Defence and Transport ministries came up with half-past-six flip-flops and ridiculous statements? Hishammuddin is also a close cousin of the present PM, Najib Razak (son of another former PM, the 2nd one). With the long night knives out for the present PM within his own UMNO party, only his close cousin could be trusted to play-drama (sandiwara) in front of international audiences and to keep the secrets of MAS MH370 to the grave.

111. Even the former (4th) PM, Mahathir Mohammed, has openly criticised Najib and his cousin, Hishammuddin. It is no secret Mahathir is eyeing the PM seat for his son, the present Menteri Besar of Kedah (Mahathir's home state). It was a compromised temporary political expediency. With his political life hanging by a thread, only a mega-accident like MH370 could divert and throw the opposition front and his own UMNO detractors into a political disarray. It remains to be seen whether the MH370 saga would make or break Najib's political career.

112. Outside the political arena: We can only be victims of a mass murder, if we allow ourselves to be fooled time and time again. Stand up and let our voices be heard. ACT before it is too late. The next crash victims could well be your loved ones. It can come from any airlines of any country. Even those countries not embroiled in political turmoil. That is the scary part. But as we shall see in the coming episodes, it needs many hands to clap, not just MAS, CIA or CNN. Those who know, are always silenced to keep the “rigging of the casino table” below visible level. Only their sponsored MSM presstitudes can remain in the media limelight. The truth can only be spoken in anonymity. Check the logic of the story, not where it comes from. The MAS “sandiwara” is only the tip of the iceberg.

113. It is clear that Malaysia do not have the capability, experience, expertise or the CIA-type of network, to orchestrate a disaster of this magnitude. The US military is clearly involved in this. The MH370 saga came just a week after the completion of the US-Asean Joint Naval exercise in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea.

114. Why would the US want to sabotage flight MH370? The US were clearly implicated in Maidan protests which subsequently led to the ouster of democratically elected President Yanukovych's government on 22 Feb 2014. China stood by Russia in not recognising the illegitimate Bandera Facist government. Only the US, EU and their staunchest western allies recognised the new government in Kiev. Other Asian countries were reluctant to do so for fear of sparking similar mass protests in their own countries. Further, the outcome of the fall of Yanukovych did not go as well as planned. Ethnic Russians and peaceful Ukrainians of other origins, in Eastern and Southern Ukraine rose up in protests, calling for a referendum. Crimean Referendum was scheduled for 16 March 2014.

115. In an article published (in Russian) on 26 Dec 2008, Crimea was expected to be the flash point to trigger WWIII. According to Okara, after the "controlled chaos" in Georgia, Ukraine in particular Crimea would be next. "This is the point of a fire, including global conflicts that escalate into a world war, which, unfortunately, is one of the scenarios, the implementation of which at the moment from the real. His colleague from the Ukrainian Institute of Russia, Andrey Blinov agrees that Russia is not interested in such a conflict. When people talk about the war in the Crimea or in the hamlet St. Michael, I believe that this scenario is marginal. A question more active economic participation of Russian capital is very likely. But it depends on when the crisis is over. If in 2010, while Russia will be much weaker " said the expert.

116. Puppet President Obama and the US seemed powerless to stop the runaway crisis in Ukraine from escalating beyond their objectives and going off-track. By supporting a fascist coup d'etat, the US nailed its own coffin on US's pretence in championing global “Freedom & Democracy”. Worst of all, a powerless Superpower that can't keep Russia in check in the Ukraine crisis would lead other “cowed” nations to jump ship. On 1 March 2014, Obama warned Russia of consequences. On 3 March, Obama again warned Russia of “costly proposition”, economic and diplomatic actions to isolate Russia. Faced with enormous economic woes on its domestic front, US was fast losing face in the global geopolitical scene. A toothless aging tiger with no bite (political, economic and military clout). Obama pales in comparison to Putin's strategic political chess game. Something had to be done to snap out of this losing streak.

117. Even the sabotage explosion on the largest oil refinery in Europe doesn't stop the Ukrainian, Crimean and Russian from returning to the Russian Federation.

118. It was not a coincidence flight MH370 (5 days after the refinery explosion) was chosen for the human sacrifice. Of the 239 passengers, 154 were Chinese nationals. Though of different nationalities, many more were of Chinese ethnic origin. The subtle message in this tragedy is very clear.

119. To summarize: while the biggest geopolitical tectonic shift since the cold war accelerates with the inevitable firming of the "Asian axis", the west monetizes its debt, revels in the paper wealth created from an all time high manipulated stock market while at the same time trying to explain why 6.5% unemployment is really indicative of a weak economy, blames the weather for every disappointing economic data point, and every single person is transfixed with finding a missing air plane (MH370).

120. It was also not a coincidence, 5 days after MH370 was reported missing, 2 buildings on East Harlem, New York reportedly exploded, collapsed and burst in flames.
Strange connections indeed. The latest explosion was located on the buildings used to shoot the live coverage of burning 911 Twin Towers.

121. A day before the MH370 incident (7 March), the US Navy announced it would deploy its first ship with directed energy (laser) weapon by summer. We have no doubt US was show-casing its latest high-tech DEW weaponry and flexing it military muscles as a warning to those thinking of changing political alliances.

122. Listen to this interview of Leuren Moret by Alfred L Webre. Flight 370 was US demo for Putin; Patent scam; Payback for Tribunal vs Israel, US/UK.

123. Despite all the overwhelming evidence, MSM kept clear of any mention of US being the key culprit for the MH370 tragedy.

That says a lot about the truth of US involvement, pre-SAR.

124. It was also no coincidence the 20 Freescale employees were ethnic Chinese (Malaysian and China nationalities). They were experts in cutting edge microchip technology which would have boosted China's technological advantage if the US and China were on opposite sides of WWIII.

125. Last but not least, a hijacked missing plane provide endless military opportunities for the US to exploit. The hijackers were supposed to be Iranians with stolen passport identities (conveniently EU passports). Iran was one of the listed 7 countries targeted for regime change in 5 years. Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Somalia and Libya have already been taken down. Syria is still in critical condition. In MH370, Iran would be implicated of harbouring state-sponsored terrorists. It was also aimed to drive a wedge into the Iranian-Chinese alliance.

126. But the bungling idiots in the Malaysian Intelligence (for lack of experience) chose 2 Iranians students with no terrorist connection. This was not the only blunder. Earlier, Malaysia's Civil Aviation Chief (Azaharuddin Abdul Rahman) confirmed the 2 suspected hijackers with stolen identities were not Asian looking males. When pressed to describe, he indicated one of the men to be black, drawing comparison to the Italian footballer, Mario Balotelli. The police too had a fair share of spoiling the Iranian Hijackers Plot by showing a badly photoshopped screenshot of the 2 suspected hijackers. They had identical pair of legs. Too late. With millions of viewers and bloggers around the world, it would have been suicidal for the CIA to press on with the Iranian hijack story. The original plot of the Iranian terrorists hijacking the plane to somewhere for retrofitting and to mount an EMP attack on US territory had to be discarded. This discarded plot was then attributed to yet another Internet dis-information. Excuse me. The Internet only broadcast out the bloopers by the incompetent liars and crisis actors. First day on the job bloopers which show. And they came by courtesy of the officials at the official press conference. Nothing to do with Internet disinformation.

127. Desperate, the masterminds of 308-MH370 pulled out another backup plot; an inside job hijack by Capt. Zaharie, the opposition zealot pilot who also happens to be related to Anwar's daughter-in-law. How convenient? We know this is another premeditated false lead. They had this fore knowledge and had 24/7 secret police surveillance on the pilot's home in uptown Kuala Lumpur even before the tragedy. They did not directly zoom in to Capt. Zaharie. They first target his co-pilot with some suggestive sleazy story hooked up by a couple of hired crisis-actor hookers. First aired by ABC, the video comprises essentially a series of badly photoshopped shots of these whores with the co-pilot in the flight cabin from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. Bear in mind this is only a one-hour short international flight on a much smaller plane certainly not the long-haul Boeing 777 which went missing. For safety and technical reasons, pilots (including co-pilots) do not switch planes and flight routes every other week. In one hour flight, the sky does not change from dark artificial navy blue to bright sky. I will leave it to the keen readers to search for themselves the nitty-gritty evidence of a fabricated co-pilot-casanova story. Like the Iranian hijackers story line, this in-flight crew hijacking will similarly be switched to another version if enough bloggers and citizens of the world ask enough embarrassing questions. Questions the bought MSM presstitudes just won't ask.

128. Despite all the provocations by US, both Russia and China have remained calm. Why waste precious resources fighting a toothless giant who is dying of economic and political cancer anyway? The US and its EU allies want a world war to cancel their mounting debts and economic problems. World War III had been on their agenda since Bush (jr) came to office in 2001. The historical facts speak for themselves. MH370 is just another one of their Inside Job disaster aimed at provoking WWIII. The world should wise up and let the “house of cards the cabals built” collapse on its own weak foundations. Just keep calm and watch by the ring side. Whatever you do, do not suck up and feed the fear-mongering of MSM presstitudes. Remember the psyops warfare precedes the physical warfare.

129. Unlike 911, the Zionists and CIA masterminds of MH370 plot are now caught in a blind on uncharted grounds in a bumbling 3rd world country, not in the US where they had NSA, DHS, FEMA, TSA and less bumbling idiot politicians for damage control. All the Malaysian crisis actors are first timers on the set, including the Transport / Defence Minister and the Prime Minister. Nothing works as planned. Worst of all, they do not have a controlled international press coming from China who doesn't think the way western minds do. Odd balls questions do get the masterminds stump.

130. The original intention of using DEW was to vaporise almost all of the plane and passengers. A few odd broken pieces of the plane could be quickly swept clean by the US naval vessels still in the area of exercise. MAS was supposed to delay the SAR operations for as long as visibly possible without arousing suspicion. By the time genuine SAR teams arrive more than 12 hours later, there would be little evidence to suggest the plane had crashed at the last contact location (LCL) or beyond (along the projected route). Some oil sheen from the jet fuel could easily be dismissed with faulty lab tests. An undersea explosion was intentionally detonated to simulate an artificial seismic event to throw off any keen investigator trying to decipher the mysterious disappearance of the plane. Everything went according to plane until the primary Iranian Hijack plot was spoilt by the Malaysian idiots.

131. With the change to the backup plan, a new dilemma surfaces: they do not have a viable place to stage a crash site now that it was no longer feasible to land the “hot plane” anywhere on land. A not-so-subtle sign of rejection is evident from all the countries that used to “kowtow” to the US. All of them declared almost instantly (after Hishammuddin the puppet piece of the CIA showed the possible northern and southern corridors the hijacked plane would have travelled) that no runaway plane had intruded into their territorial airspace.

132. The US-aided Malaysian government now has a big headache in explaining where the hijacked plane flew to. By then the tragedy had attracted too much world attention to stage a crash-site within the Asian region. Many countries also refused to play ball with US except Australia. A few pieces of the vaporised plane could have been picked up by the US navy vessels near the last contact location. But they needed time (at least a week) to safely smuggle the debris out to the open Indian ocean by sea. The whole plot would have been exposed wide open if by some remote chance, US navy vessels were found to be in possession of the plane's debris after PM Tony Abbott had announced the discovery of the satellite findings, thousands of miles away.

133. Whether our PM's (Tony Abbott) speedy turn-around is a another delay-diversion tactic or forced under pressure from big brother US, is open to question.

134. On 18 March, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said “his government had no information that the flight might have come close to Australia. In responding to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's request for Australia to take responsibility for the search in the southern corridor, which Canberra had agreed to, Abbott said the missing flight with 239 people on board was not detected by Australian radar networks.”

135. Two days later, 20 March, our same Tony Abbott announced in the Australian Parliament “New and credible information has come to light in relation to the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean.” It is significant the same satellite photos referred to by Tony Abbott was dated 16 March, with a time-stamp of 0416 GMT. Was his statement to parliament premature? At the time of his parliament announcement no search plane had confirmed the 2 debris-like (suspected) were even remotely connected to the missing plane. He said a search aircraft directed to the area, was due to arrive at about the time he made the announcement.

136. Isn't it strange that Chinese satellite pictures showing possible plane debris were dismissed outright, prior to a search plane arriving to the location? Here you have Aussie PM Tony Abbott, first denying any plane came near Australian air space and 2 days later stating a possible identification on a 16 March satellite pictures without confirmation by a search plane.

137. For sure, there will be more flip-flops ahead not just from the Malaysian side. Until the whole scandal is exposed, it would be wise to avoid any unnecessary air travel. If you have to, avoid those airlines which refuse to be transparent in their security measures and safety precaution. Don't be hoodwinked that 308-MH370 MAS is just an isolated accident. It is a premeditated mass murder that could happen anywhere, any time to anybody. The political connections are clear. Vote with your wallets and voices. I will end this update with this cartoon feature floating in cyberspace.

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