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MH17 - another Gulf of Tongkin in Ukraine

Amin says:
July 29, 2014 at 8:03 am
the location (distance, angle wrt to flight path, time, altitude) of the crash scene at Hrabove does not line with the “explosion point” at 1:20pm (exact coord). So the crash scene at Hrabove is definitely a staged crash site.
Graham says:
July 29, 2014 at 10:51 am
When an aircraft is travelling at around 500 knots and gets directly hit by a missile, or suffers from the shock wave of a missile detonating within 60 feet or more, would the resulting aircraft “debris” end up having “zero forward velocity” and simply plummet to the ground vertically above the “explosion point”?
-edited by Ashley K.

Our answer:
The answer to Graham question is obviously NO. Now who would ask such a silly question?

No matter what, there is still the forward momentum. The time taken to fall from an altitude of 33,000ft (10km) would be 45.4 sec. (SQRT((2*ht)/g). The max horizontal speed would be the last cruising speed which was 490 knots. 

In reality, the speed decreases immediately after dis-integration due to drag and loss of momentum. For ease in calculation, we use a constant velocity (490 knots) to calculate the maximum distance. Further the heaviest and strongest parts of the plane like the engine, would be flung off the furthest distance from the point of explosion. On ground, the engine turbine would generally mark the upper limit of the debris zone, save for a few odd small projectile fragments. All things considered, the maximum distance for MH17 should be 7.1149 miles or 11.45km. To be on the safe side, the conical-shape debris field on ground, would span a couple of km to max 13 km with an angular swathe of  <10 to 60 deg. (assumptions used in lieu of field parameters). 

Thus, anyone (e.g Stew Webb) suggesting a debris field stretching 30 miles in diameter, would not be talking about a single instantaneous explosion-disintegration event (within milliseconds) but rather a slow dis-integration process (lasting secs to probably a few minutes) i.e bits of the aircraft falling off while the main engines powered on until the main dis-integration event. 

Note: In MH370, the Boeing 777 (reg 9M-MRO) travelled for another 507 km or 30 minutes after the Last Contact location (LCL), before it was finally vaporised (est. 80%) 92 km off the coast of Vietnam.  DEW-laser can operate at many energy level and frequencies. The targeted plane is continuously tracked with non-lethal beams as soon as it comes within range. Dew-laser (as with all electromagnetic frequency devices) don't work well under thunderstorm or unstable sky conditions. For that reason MH370 shot-down was chosen in the mid-night or early hours of the day as mid-day in the Equator are prone to thunderstorm showers. MH17 9M-MRD was shot down at 1:20 pm at Lat 47 deg, in clear blue sky.  DEW-Laser can also be used to shoot down a plane without vaporising it as shown in the video.

You can watch an illustration of the DEW-Laser system at

Unlike larger laser systems that have the power to vaporize targets, the LaWS system will be used to blur the vision of UAVs and missiles and throw them off a ship’s tracks. Although primarily a countermeasure, the LaWS does pack enough of a punch to do some real damage to small boats and drones, igniting outboard fuel reserves and, in one demonstration, setting a stealth drone’s airframe alight.

Look at the Big Picture, the plane view.
Leaving aside the mode of destruction for the time being, it is obvious that the ground position of all debris including the plane's fuselage or wrecks,  should always be ahead (in the heading of the aircraft) of the “explosion point” by at least a km to a max of 12 km (depending on the altitude of detachment from the main fuselage). In simple terms, no debris should fall backwards (aft of) the explosion point. This is not speculation but a scientific fact. Refer to the following map.

According flt data log, of the last 7 minutes from 1:13 to 1:20pm (local time), the last radar contact (LRC) was at 1:20pm, 5.8 km south of the “staged crash site ASCS1” at Hrabove. See the diagram in Planted crash scene confirmed by Airbus satellite photos & laws of physics.

The reported crash site at Hrabrove had to be preplanned and prestaged. It is no coincidence the Staged Crash site was staged in an abandoned building lot right at the road junction for easy access. It would be easy to detonate a fireball on a debris dump at the time of crash and to video it from afar without seeing the burning dump. There are many more evidence for our assertion but the main reason for staging a crash scene ….. MH17 was downed by a DEW Laser weapon, not a missile.

The most important question is, "why was the crash site (ASCS1) at Hrabove staged so far (3-5km) off the 117 deg flight path? Couldn't they have staged it between Snizhne – Torez (where the debris actually fell)? 

It is really the case of “moving the mountain or the road”. Staged crash sites cannot be moved at the last minute without exposing the plot. This also answers the often asked question, “why did flt MH17 deviated from past 10 flight paths to an obvious danger zone”? Ukraine ATC were in fact complicit in guiding MH17 into the “mouse trap” at Hrabove. It can be seen from our first compilation, flt MH17 was heading 108.5 deg from 1:13-1:15pm. If it continued, the plane would be too far north (by 5km) of the staged crash site (ASCS1) at Hrabove.

There was an urgent last minute course correction between 1:15 – 1:17pm, to get into the preplanned flight path (112 deg) heading directly to Hrabove. Unlike a car, the plane takes tens of seconds to minutes, to stabilise on a new course. By 1:17pm, it was clear that the new corrected course at 117.71 deg (not by design, but perhaps Divine Intervention?) was too far south (3-5 km) of Hrabove. The last radar contact was preplanned at 1:17pm with the “purported crash explosion” a minute after. In the original flight plan heading 112 deg to Hrabrove, a mid-air explosion at 33,000ft (10km) would fit in nicely with the planted debris at Rozsypne, a few km before Hrabove, the main engine crash site. 

But things don't always go exactly to plan. At the over-corrected course (117 deg) an explosion at 1:18pm would certainly raise more question. It was simply too far behind the staged crash site at Hrabrove. A nail biting moment for those in command at DEW-Laser weapon control centre. 

To beam or not to beam, Scott?

Failure was not an option as they could not have a second chance with this premeditated crash, not within the week anyway. As they were debating on the issues, another precious minute passed by. 

Finally they decided to press the red button. Hence the delay in last radar contact until 1:20pm. By then the “fabricated explosion point” was way past Hrabrove and heading towards the heavily populated Snizhne area ahead. At best, the DEW-laser weaponry can vaporise 80% of a fast moving airline. Odd sharp edge debris speeding above 300 knots, are just as lethal as shrapnels from a bomb. 

Not that the Kabal value the lives of the local civilians. They are more afraid of the wide press publicity and open protests of local population fatalities. While they can suppress and hide the discoveries of “real MH17 debris”, local fatalities would throw wide open the 2 sets of crash pattern (one real and one staged).

Unique to DEW-laser weaponry, the tail fins or wings of the plane can be "burned off" selectively, to drastically alter the course of the fast descending plane. That is the reason main scattered debris (20% of normal crash) zone is about 30deg off the straight 117deg course, into the lesser populated zone between Torez and Snizhne. 

Compared with the 1988 PAM103 at Lockerbie where 11 locals were killed and dozens of houses destroyed, this MH17 crash emerged with no local fatalities, no real house damage (except those staged as well) and most important of all, no major crash crater. BTW Lockerbie was downed by an explosion within the plane at 31,000ft (9.4km). 

Bomb within MH17 or external missile hit can never explain the strange flight path of MH17 before crashing. For those who had been overly critical of the DEW-Laser downing of MH370 and MH17 (without basis, of course), it might interest you to know that the US-released satellite photos accusing Russia of x-border shelling, showed the fabricated shelled area to be on the same flight course of MH17 (117 deg). If everything else fails, the US-Kabal military intelligence was on standby, to suggest the missiles might have come from Russian artillery/missile fire. That is how desperate they are, to suck Russian into triggering a WWIII.

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