Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Real Vs Staged Crash Scene, Credible Vs Incredulous evidence

Although DEW or any kind of laser weapons can vaporise a plane, it is not possible to vaporise all of a big plane like the Boeing 777 when it is at cruising speed (0.8 Mach) and altitude. Perhaps more than 90% were vaporised. Still 10% is a lot of debris.

But most difficult to vaporise is the jet fuel. Carrying 7 hours of jet fuel, about 20,000 gallons would spill off as soon as cracks appear in the disintegration process. You just can't vaporise liquid jet fuel spewing out of the fuel tanks at 35,000ft.

Was the Search & Rescue (SAR) operation deliberately delayed for the waiting naval vessels to mop up  the larger debris?  But without the visible booms to contain the spreading oil, it was left to the M'sian authorities to summarily deny the oil slicks were from the MH370 jet liner. Did they test on the real crash scene samples or just any oil found near the beaches?

But coincidence is such an abused word nowadays. What are the chances of 2 major oil slicks occurring on the 8th of March independently of the plane crash? Even if there were pipelines (and there were none) leaking oil, it would still be highly suspicious. Let's not talk about vessels illegally discharging waste oily water. The oil slick patterns are vastly different.

Why wasn't the source of the massive oil spill investigated deeper? 20,000 gallons is no chicken feed. The tourists and fishermen at the beaches of Koh Samui and Rayong in Thailand can attest to seeing substantial amount of oil pollution at their favourite fishing and swimming spots at about the right time of arrival from the real crash scene in South China Sea where the US-Malaysian navies were conveniently conducting exercises.

If these oil slicks were not from MH370, weren't the authorities interested in finding who leaked the oil at the same time as the MH370 crash?

Okay. What about the "possible life raft" floating in the sea near the suspected crash scene? This was reportedly seen by the crew from a Vietnamese jet.  Surely the crew could distinguish between a life raft (which they had been constantly trained for their survival skills) and a floating "moss-covered cap of a cable reel".

The oil slicks found off the coast of Malaysia during the search for Flight MH370 were not caused by the missing jet, authorities have said.
Laboratory analysis on the oil, which was first spotted on Saturday night, found that it had nothing to do with the Malaysia Airlines jet that disappeared almost three days ago, Malaysian officials have confirmed. Earlier the crew from a Vietnamese jet reported seeing a “ possible life raft” floating in the sea around 250 miles off the country’s southern coast, only for search and rescue helicopters to later find it was no more than “a moss-covered cap of cable reel”. 

First of all, they do not make "cap of cable reel" as large as an inflated life-craft. Are we to understand cable reel caps that large are made of plastic or wood that float cap-down as in a life raft? If it is inverted, it would have been filled with sea water and would have sunk long before any moss could grow on it. We definitely find this to be suspicious. Why aren't there any photos of the suspected MH370 debris which turned out to be "rubbish" published? Well they published pictures of smiling naval officers congratulating one another during the SAR operation. And they published floating rubbish debris in the Indian Ocean. So the big question is, why aren't there any photos of these "so-called rubbish" after spending so much time and cost?

Please stay tune for more analyses coming up on this post.

~ Gary.Victims
    (Safety Is Not An Option Movement).

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