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MH370 killed FreeScale microchip researchers-patent holders, MH17 killed WHO-NGO Scientists involved in Ebola-AIDS research

Was WHO official Glenn Thomas assassinated in MH17 crash to intimidate WHO officials, NGOs and scientists over Ebola?

original post : published at 12:53 UTC+6 22nd July 2014

*Parallels with Smolensk plane crash of 2010The revelation that WHO media officer Glenn Thomas and six AIDS researchers died in the mysterious MH 17 plane crash in the Ukraine bolsters fears they were assassinated.
While fake alternative media such as Infowars have done a good job in showing the holes in the official narrative, especially by asking why the MH17 plane was flying over Ukrainian battle space in the first place when US aviation authorities had prohibited it and European aviation authorities had placed restrictions, there are a crucial facts Infowars will not report.
Infowars will not report that WHO media officer Glenn Thomas was killed on the plane at a time when WHO is once more in the spotlight for its role in an orchestrated Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Glenn Thomas is the media officer I rang and emailed in April 2014 concerning the Ebola outbreak attack. I also spoke to him in April 2009 concerning the bird flu and swine flu false flag pandemic.
It is conceivable that Glenn Thomas, who seemed a very sympathetic, open-minded individual on the phone, had, like other WHO officials, begun to follow my blog, assess the evidence and become aware of global elite’s depopulation agenda and the role WHO was playing in it.
It is possible, in fact, highly likely, ´that Thomas had become aware of the dangerous threat that the current Ebola outbreak coupled with the International Health Regulations represents. It is possible he decided to move from being a passive spectator to doing something to stop plans to use weaponized Ebola to kill large numbers of people.
He may have began to circulating information ignored by the controlled mainstream media and alternative media, to people in the AIDs network and other networks he worked with in his professional capacity. It may be that significant numbers of people had become aware that AIDS vaccines are bioweapon and had resolved to do something to blow the lid on the real cause of the Ebola outbreak.
Given the extent of Google and NSA surveillance of all our emails and phone calls, it is possible that the elite registered that some of the “minions” whom they rely upon to administer and manage the Ebola outbreak were no longer responding to the mainstream media brainwashing, and decided to make an example of them.
The obviousness fakeness of the MH 17 plane crash is deliberate. The government, the Pentagon and the CIA are interested in sending the message — the same message they sent in 2010 when they wiped out half the Polish government for being the one country which refused to activate pandemic plans and inject the population with the swine flu jab in a fake staged plane crash at Smolensk– question the government, go off message and you will be assassinated. At the same time, they want to forward their Third World War agenda.
Six key people in the AIDS research world killed in the MH17 crash, including Joep Lange and his wife Jacqueline van Tongeren from the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development.
Lange was called a “giant” in the AIDS research field, which means that he almost certainly knew that the HIV vaccine is a bioweapon causing AIDS. He would, therefore, have understood the implications of unleashing Ebola not just on Africa but on the world through experimental vaccines as the Wellcome Trust has recently demanded.
Infowars will not report that these six died on their way to the International AIDS conference in Melbourne which is funded by Bill Gates, one of the main architects of the elite’s eugenicist vaccine programme.
The fake alternative media will not report the facts concerning the US bioweapons lab in Kenema at the center of the Ebola outbreak, including the funding it receives from the Bill and Melinda Gates and Soros Foundation.
They will not report that global elite puppets Bill Clinton and Bob Geldof are due to address 12,000 researchers in Melbourne.
Geldof’s daughter, Peaches Geldof, recently died after exposing gross acts of paedophilia by singer Ian Watkins as well as her links to the ultra secretive elite Satanic freemason lodge Ordi Templi Orientis.
In reporting the plane crash, Infowars will not report that the bodies found at the crash site were decomposed and drained of blood ie perfect material to start a local plague. Neither will they report that large amounts of blood serum and medical supplies were found at the crash site.
By contrast, the pilot’s cockpit was filled with fresh bodies and fresh blood, according to Igor Strelkov’s full statement on  German blogs.
This is similar to the Smolensk plane crash where video determined to be authentic by experts exists of pilots being shot in the aftermath of the crash while no bodies of passengers can be seen.

Smolensk victim’s relatives were later given body parts which they said they could prove did not belong to their loved ones.
It looks like the elite have used the same trick of switching out the planes and faking a crash.
Just as American architects and engineers for 9/11 truth have complied scientific evidence that the Twin Towers could not have collapsed from the impact of planes, so Polish scientists have complied evidence showing that the TU 154 could not have crashed at Smolensk because of an impact with a birch tree as the official narrative claims.
In addition, the rubble of the MH17 as shown by the mainstream media is not consistent with a missile strike as Alles Schall und Rauch points out.
Jim Stone has good coverage on the question of these dead bodies.
Aside from the mysterious deaths of Glenn Thomas and key AIDS researchers, Infowars will not report that the Pentagon partnered with Tekmira to fund clinical Ebola trials on healthy adults just before the outbreak occurred.
They will not report WHO and CDC documents showing that most of the Ebola outbreaks so far have occurred in hospitals.
The elite s new phase of biological warfare using Ebola is the biggest story on the planet today. But Infowars ignores it – just as it ignored the Baxter contamination scandal in 2009 until it became such a big topic so big on the social media that decided to roll the wave and direct it into a false flag inquiry at the Council of Europe under Wolfgang Wodarg and Paul Flynn.
Five years later, the elite know they have no such option if their Ebola outbreak goes wrong. The world will not buy another fake inquiry and white wash because the alternative media has been exposed to be the second line of defence of lies of the elite.. The victims of the swine flu jab are demanding compensation and questions will have to be answered about the 2009 pandemic campaign as well as Ebola.
Aware they have lost control of the brainwashing capacities of alternative media, the elite appear to have decided to go for the jugular this time.
I suggest that Glenn Thomas the other AIDS delegates were assassinated to prevent them from spreading information — verbally so that Google and the NSA could not monitor it — at the Melbourne conference and rallying resistance among scientists.
Initial reports also stated that 108 AIDS researchers had died in the MH17 plane crash. That number is the difference between the media’s initial number of victims at 295 and the Malaysian airlines actual number of 188.
The discrepancy might or might not be a covert warning to scientists that the elite has a long death list. I don’t know.
Looking at all the evidence, the death of Glenn Thomas and AIDS researchers may well be an attempt to intimidate  and send a message to elements of the WHO and government and scientists to toe the line just as the death of half the Polish government at Smolensk in 2009 sent a message to governments.
Its time for the scientific community to flex their muscles. Science can expose the lies of te elite, defend the truth and resist evil.

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Perfect timing of MH370 Crash & D7172 Near-Miss after and before sentencing of Anwar's Sodomy trial.

Gross Injustice - Asshole Persecution of Anwar throwing Malaysia to the dogs.

On Mar 7, 2014, just hours before the ill-fated (premeditated mass murder) MH370 took off from the airport, Anwar was unjustly sentenced to 5 years jail, on the trump charge of sodomy. MH370 was shot (lasered) down by USN 12 hours later.

On Feb 8, 2015, 2 days before Anwar's Appeal judgement (sentencing) D7172 was planned to be shot down at exactly the same location as MH198 on Sept 15, 2014. Again USN vessels were in the vicinity of the target, in line with the D7172 flight path out of KLIA2.

Notice Feb 8, 2015 (D7172 before Anwar's trial sentence) numerically operated by 1 = 2+1, 8-1, 2015-1 = 3-07-2014 or Mar 7, 2014 (Anwar's trial sentence before MH370).

Notice Oct 12, 2002 (Bali Bombing) numerically operated by 1 = 10-1, 12-1, 2002-1 = 9-11-2001 or Sept 11, 2001 which is the date of 911.

MH370 was the deception to draw public attention after sentencing Anwar. D7172 (if successful) was to draw public attention before sentencing Anwar. If all these were not pre-planned, then what is?

Malaysia court upholds Anwar Ibrahim sodomy conviction

File photo: Anwar Ibrahim

Correspondents say Mr Anwar is seen as the only man who can break the governing coalition's dominance

Malaysia's top court has upheld opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's conviction for sodomy.

Mr Anwar was accused of having sex with a male aide in 2008. Sodomy is illegal in Muslim-majority Malaysia, but very few people are ever prosecuted.

The popular politician was sentenced to five years in jail in March 2014 after an earlier acquittal was overturned - a ruling against which he appealed.

He says the case is a bid by the ruling coalition to block him from politics.

Mr Anwar - who heads a three-party alliance - is widely seen as the only man who can break the governing coalition's dominance, correspondents say.

The Barisan Nasional has been in power since 1957, but suffered its worst-ever result in the most recent elections in May 2013.

'Political decision'

Ahead of the verdict, Mr Anwar, 67, said there was "no reason whatsoever for them to ever consider putting me to jail".

"I am innocent," he said. "Now in the event there's a political decision to put me in jail, I understand the system, I've served time in prison... But then this is a price I have to pay."

In 2008, Mr Anwar was accused of having sex with a male political aide. He was cleared by a High Court of the charges in 2012 because of a lack of evidence.

The government then appealed against his acquittal and it was overturned by the court. It is Mr Anwar's appeal against this ruling that has now been rejected.

This is the opposition leader's second sodomy conviction since he was sacked from the Barisan Nasional government in 1998. His previous conviction, from 2000, was overturned.

Human Rights Watch condemned what it described as the "selective persecution" of Mr Anwar.

"PM Najib's government wants to push him off the political process," Reuters news agency quoted Phil Robertson, the group's deputy director for Asia, as saying.

Timeline: Anwar Ibrahim
1993 to 1998 - Deputy Prime Minister, under Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad
1999 - Jailed for abuse of power, sparking huge street protests
2000 - Found guilty of sodomy with his wife's driver
2004 - Supreme Court overturns sodomy conviction, freeing him from jail. He quickly emerges as the de facto opposition leader
March 2008 - ruling coalition narrowly wins general election, but with its worst results in 50 years. The opposition makes unprecedented gains
Aug 2008 - Anwar charged with sodomy for a second time, but despite this is soon voted in as an MP
Feb 2009 - Second trial for sodomy starts
Jan 2012 - Acquitted of sodomy by High Court
May 2013: Leads opposition to best-ever performance in general elections
Mar 2014: 2012 acquittal overturned by court after government appeal

AirAsia Flight D7172: Auto-thrust malfunction forces plane back to Kuala Lumpur Airport after circling for 4 hours

Aircraft had to burn off fuel before landing so cruised over the Straits of Malacca in wide circles for hours

Faulty: The flight had to circle for four hours and return to its departure airport due to a malfunction

An AirAsia flight had to circle for more than four hours after an auto-thrust malfunction meant it had to return to Kuala Lumpur Airport moments after take-off.

AirAsia X flight D7172 had to burn fuel before landing so cruised over the Straits of Malacca in wide circles for hours, a move CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes called "routine".

He said the plane was "just burning off fuel, as flight has lots of fuel since it was going to Jeddah".

He added that the technical problem was a "minor issue".

In December AirAsia flight QZ8501 went down in storm conditions with 162 people on board on a short flight from the Indonesian city Surabaya to Singapore. There were no survivors.

Another Malaysian airline has also been beleaguered with terrible luck. Last March Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared after inexplicably diverting from its Kuala Lumpur-Beijing course.

Published: Sunday September 14, 2014 MYT 10:52:00 AM
Updated: Monday September 15, 2014 MYT 7:41:41 PM

MAS: Flight MH198 turned back due to auto-pilot defect, denies aircraft on fire

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH198 that departed from Kuala Lumpur for Hyderabad, India had to turn back due to an auto-pilot defect. 

“The defect did not have any impact on the safety of the aircraft or passengers, however, as a precautionary measure, the operating captain decided to turn back,” the airline said in a statement on Sunday. 

It also refuted reports on social media that the aircraft caught fire. Flight MH198, which departed at 10.20pm on Saturday landed at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 2.01am, Sunday.

Initial reports said that the plane had to make an emergency landing after dumping fuel. 
The airline said that upon arrival, passengers and crew disembarked safely and were given accommodation at nearby hotels.

The flight has been rescheduled to operate as MH198D and will depart Kuala Lumpur at 12pm, Sunday.
MAS said it regretted the disruption to its guests' travel plans but reiterated that safety of its passengers was its priority. 

“The airline also appreciates the public's co-operation to refrain from making speculations to avoid discomfort among air travellers,” MAS said.

This had to be the most absurd dis-info given by ........? Everyone knows that the flight time to Penang (equivalent dist) is less than 40 mins. Are we to believe the plane circled for 3 hours to burn fuel? Isn't this an emergency landing?

Is there a cover-up? Did the DEW fail to bring down this MAS plane due to extreme moisture in the atmosphere? DEW lasers are extremely accurate weapons but all EM wave suffers attenuation from moisture. See huge cloud formation brought by SW monsson winds.

Qz8501,MH17,MH370,MH653 shot down by DEW laser

First they sank the Titanic and murdered more than 1,500 poor souls, we didn't care.
Cos' setting up the private Rothschild banking system aka FED and printing money was not our business.

Then they engineered the world into WWII; killing more than 20 millions in war atrocities. We noticed but still didn't care enough. Cos' bitter history is best forgotten, lest they interfere with holiday plans and comfortable lifestyles.

Then they duped us into believing Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, making trillions out of a B-grade movie. We watched with awe the fake "one giant step for Mankind" that set forth our dreams of space travel and "out of this planet" experience. We didn't care if NASA was ripping off billions from the economy cos' we can afford it by plundering the rest of the world with fake bonds and fake gold.

When 911 came, we were so heavily duped by the Tell-All-Lies-Vision that when a crisis-actor on CNN said the twin towers collapsed due to structural failures caused by plane impacts, we accepted it without question. We all grieved and vowed revenge on that caveman in Afghanistan, Osama bin Al'Mighty who could stand down NORAD, conduct multiple 911 drills and control all of America's MSM to broadcast live the prerecorded video of the burning and collapsing scaled-down studio models.

We were duped again with;
Sadam's invisible Weapons of Mass Destruction to get us into the Iraqi war,
USS San Francisco fake grounding in Micronesia when it was actually involved in the covert black operation to generate the world's worst Tsunami Genocide on Dec 26, 2004, more than 3,511 miles away.

Hurricane Katrina, BP Oil Spill, Bayou Corne sinkholes and Hurrricane Issac all striking the same Gulf coast region as accidents or natural calamities when the real hidden agenda was to depopulate and drive away Gulf coast residents aka "useless eaters" for that valuable Louisiana sweet crude beneath.

Japan's 911 aka 311 Fukushima came and gone, the real perpetrators not prosecuted.
Christchurch and the Canterbury plains were ravaged by the worst quakes in succession not because they were natural, but as a result of HAARP-induced plate stressed quakes caused by prolonged massive drought in the drying continental mass of Southern Australia and New South Wales.

The Aug 2014 6.1 quake at Napa was similarly induced by systematically drying out the agriculturally productive San Joaquin valley.

Last but not least, are the latest series of auto-pilot hijack-controlled, DEW-lasered airline crashes including but not limited to MH370, MH17, MH198, AA QZ8501 and several others.

If you are one of the 90% who have not yet woken up or hit one of these false flags, not to worry. Your turn is coming soon. We hope it is sooner than later. Cos' by the time you wake up, you could well be in a FEMA camp lining up to end your nightmare by the guillotine.

The BRICS nations woke up after 911 but much of the western world remain addicted to the hallucination drug administered by the Cabal controlled governments, MSM and giant corporations like Monsanto, GoldmanSachs, pharmaceutical and oil cabals.
Published on Jan 1, 2015

Presentation by Ken O'Keefe showing overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was a false flag operation with clear evidence as to who did it and why.

In a speech to the Roman Senate, as recorded by Sallust, Cicero said:
“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious.But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.”

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The MH370-Diego Garcia Pearl Harbor-III WWIII trigger


Jane Doe A.C.T (Airline Crashes Truth) Movement

138. Our first statement on 11 March 2014, that MH370 was shot down by US-made HEL (High Energy Laser) weapon, guided and vaporised in South China Sea, was met with wide disbelief. 

MH370 vaporised by US Laser weapon in South China Sea

139. Since then, many including Leuren Moret, Tim Clark and Marc Dugan (among the more well-known) have publicly said the same, in essence.

Former Proteus Airlines boss Marc Dugain claims MH370 may have been shot down by US military
A SECOND senior airline industry source has revealed his belief that there is some sort of conspiracy behind the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Emirates president and CEO Sir Tim Clark made world headlines in October when he revealed his doubts about the fate of the missing plane, which disappeared early in the morning of March 8 this year.

In an interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel, Sir Tim voiced his scepticism about the complete lack of wreckage from the incident, and the electronic satellite “handshakes” which positioned the plane in the southern Indian Ocean.

RELATED: Tim Clark reveals suspicions over MH370

MH370: The top 10 theories about what happened

Expressing scepticism ... Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline. Picture: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesSource: Contour by Getty Images

Now a second senior airline industry source has voiced his doubts about the fate of the plane, with the even wilder claim that the Boeing 777 may have been shot down by US military personnel who were fearing a September 11-style attack on the US Navy base on Diego Garcia.

Part 1 - Leuren Moret: Confirmed – MH370 shot down by US over Singapore Airspace

140. How would the MH370 incident trigger the next global war (WWIII) between the BRICS alliance and the Western EVIL (Euro Vatican Israel London_centred_colonies) Alliance?

141. The same modus operandi that started WWII, the Vietnam War, the Afghan - Iraqi wars and many others using false flag pretexts. Pre WWII, economic sanctions, disinformation and deceptions lured Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor. 911 is now widely believed to be an inside job, orchestrated by the CIA and Mossad, contrived at the highest level of the military in the Bush Administration.

142. Malaysia has been a crony state of the Western EVIL alliance, since PM Mahathir was forced to step down in 2003. It is too much of a mere coincidence that MH370 was shot down en route to Beijing and the MH17 Crash (5 months later) blamed on Russia. There would have been a third MH disaster on 13 Sept, 2014 if not for the quick action of the captain of MH198 en route to India. Three MAS planes involving three major nations of the BRICS alliance. If that is not a provocation for WWIII, then Diego Garcia-Pear Harbor III might just do it. 911 was Pearl Harbor II.

143. What saved flight MH198?

144. Awareness. Many published articles pointing to Contrived Airplane Crashes (CAC) courtesy of the US and Israelis covert operations. The unprecedented MH series of near-misses and crashes could not have all happened within a year, even for the most safety lax airline. MAS was known for its safety records, until Najib Razak took over as the PM and appointed his loyal cousin, Hishammudin, as the minister for 2 key ministries, Defence & Transport a year before MH370 Crash. An unprecedented move indeed. A year precisely, to set up the stage for the planned airline crashes; giving unhindered covert military access to MAS operations and Malaysian territorial waters.

145. Laser weapons are highly effective and accurate. Like all EMP attacks, the electronics are fried first and the target vaporised in seconds. That is, under optimal atmospheric conditions. On 13 September, 2014, Typhoon Kalmaegi was intensifying over the Philippines with heavy cloud cover over the Straits of Malacca at precisely the point MH198 was supposed to be vaporised by the US-made HEL. Lasers do not work well with heavy moisture. This is the most direct evidence.

146. All the previous major airline crashes like 911, Lockerbie, TWA 800 etc  were tied to global market manipulations and massive insider trading. The MH crashes are no exception.

147. The Economic Sanctions, Cajoling and Posturing are all part of the deceptive art of war strategies. If the BRICS alliance especially Russia still cannot be provoked into a global war with the Western Evil Alliance (WEA), then a contrived false flag of Pearl Harbor I proportion may be initiated by the CIA-Mossad insiders within the Diego Garcia base. Then blamed it on  BRICS-based terrorists, to force WWIII on the world, whether we want it or not.

148. To all global citizens of this planet, do not play into the Cabal controlled WEA war incitement deception. The world had suffered enough in WWII, the cold war and in the never-ending War on Terror. All these mass sufferings, in order that a few wealthy elites can continue to control and manipulate the world. Conquest by Deception - Wage War by Deception.

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BUSTED! Kiev's U.S. 'Satellite Images' of missile shots - recorded from video game

Published on Aug 2, 2014
Frames issued Ukrainian media for recording with American satellites are the screenshots of the computer game Flaming Cliffs 2.
This is not the first time that the Ukrainian side, distorting facts, gives some pictures or videos for others.

Ukrainian media have issued footage of video games for the proof firing its territory from the Russian Federation

Оригинал статьи:

In the past two days in the Ukrainian media actively discussed video allegedly proving that the shooting in Ukraine from Russia. However, attentive internet users quickly unmasked another "duck" - footage issued by Ukrainian journalists for recording from American satellites are the screenshots of the computer game Flaming Cliffs 2.

July 31, 2014, 15:32
Photo: © screenshot

Оригинал статьи:

July 29 Tsenzor.Net portal and other Ukrainian media reported the news that the United States satellites recorded shelling the territory of Ukraine from the Russian Federation. Materials illustrated by videos and screenshots allegedly from American satellites.

However, on the same day meticulous users of social networks have managed to get to the truth. Footage issued Ukrainian media for recording with American satellites are the screenshots of the computer game Flaming Cliffs 2.

Photo: screenshot of the game Flaming Cliffs 2

This is not the first time that the Ukrainian side, distorting the facts, gives one a picture or video for others. For example, July 19, on the site of the Security Service of Ukraine reported that the allegedly on the orders of Russia "all air defense system" Buk "are exported from Ukraine back into the Russian Federation." However, users of social networks have noticed that one of the photos illustrate this news is a screenshot of a video taken in March 2014. The footage can be seen from the road melted snow, people in winter clothes and install " Beech ", belonging to the Ukrainian army. On March photographs Ukrainian "Buk" was a 312-m number. The site appeared SBU photo where "Buk", this time for alleged Russian, also marked as the 312th.

Later Ukrainian users of social networks have tried to blame the marauding militias DNR, working in the area of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing 777. «Terrorists looting the wreckage of a downed their aircraft," - commented on them a photograph in which the DNI militia, who arrived at the crash site of a Malaysian Boeing 777, is holding a toy monkey, belonging to one of the dead passengers. However, a video of the event, laid out on YouTube, showed that the militia, called a "terrorist" and "looters" demonstrates toy OSCE observers and reporters gathered at the scene. "Let the bastards see who they bring down. See ?! "- says the fighter, holding a monkey in front of cameras. After that, he carefully placed the toy on to other things, removed the hat and crossed himself.

Оригинал статьи:

wrong time wrong place PS satellite photos by Ukrainian puppet regime

‘Wrong time, altered images’: Moscow slams Kiev’s MH17 satellite data

Published time: August 01, 2014 10:27
Edited time: August 01, 2014 14:28

The satellite image on the left was provided by the Russian Defense Ministry on 14 July, 2014. On the right is the image that Kiev claims were taken by its satellites on July 16, 2014. Image from

The satellite image on the left was provided by the Russian Defense Ministry on 14 July, 2014. On the right is the image that Kiev claims were taken by its satellites on July 16, 2014. Image from

Satellite images Kiev published as ‘proof’ it didn’t deploy anti-aircraft batteries around the MH17 crash site carry altered time-stamps and are from days after the MH17 tragedy, the Russian Defense Ministry has revealed.

The images, which Kiev claims were taken by its satellites at the same time as those taken by Russian satellites, are neither Ukrainian nor authentic, according to Moscow's statement.

The Defense Ministry said the images were apparently made by an American KeyHole reconnaissance satellite, because the two Ukrainian satellites currently in orbit, Sich-1 and Sich-2, were not positioned over the part of Ukraine’s Donetsk Region shown in the pictures.

Moscow claims weather and lighting conditions in the images were not possible at the dates and times Ukraine claims they were made, the Russian ministry said.

At least one of the images published by Ukraine shows signs of being altered by an image editor, the statement added.

The ministry also criticized images published by Kiev to back its allegations that Russia smuggled heavy weapons over the border and shelled Ukrainian army positions.

The images lack proper time stamps and coordinates, while Kiev didn’t bother to explain why it believes that whatever vehicles are shown in them are Russian, the statement said.

“It’s the latest ‘masterpiece’ in the Ukrainian exercise in conspiracy theories, an attempt to divert responsibility,” the ministry said.

“It can take a deserved place next to other allegations against Russia voiced by Kiev that claimed that Russia was responsible for masterminding the Maidan protest and the tragedy in Odessa.”

“Apparently that’s why the real owners of those photos are hesitating to publish them under their own name, since it would derail the myth of the omniscience of their space reconnaissance,” the Russian ministry said.

Image from

A comparison of satellite images published by Russia and Ukraine as presented by Kiev in an attempt to dispute the authenticity of Moscow’s photos. The shadows are cast in different directions in the two images, proving that they could not have been almost at the same time two days apart, as indicated by the time stamps.

Image from

The weather is also clearly different, with the Russian image showing a cloudy day, while the image presented by Kiev shows a clear day - showing that the images could not have been taken less than an hour apart, as claimed by the time stamps. The Russian military say the actual weather conditions at the time can be easily double-checked by independent sources.

Image from

In another comparison with the images used by Ukraine, it was purposely degraded in quality in order to point out some irregularities. No such irregularities are present in the original image, the Russian military said.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region, which is engulfed by armed hostilities between Ukrainian troops and local militias. The plane was apparently shot down by a missile, although neither the type of missile nor who shot it has yet been properly established.

As a troubled investigation into the tragedy, which claimed almost 300 lives, is underway, Kiev and some Western countries were quick to say that the militias and Russia were culpable for the deed. Kiev said it had no capabilities to take down the plane.

The Russian Defense Ministry published satellite images and radar data, saying that evidence proved that Ukraine had both ground-based anti-aircraft batteries and military aircraft capable of firing an air-to-air missile deployed in the region on the day of the MH17 shoot-down.

Some days later Kiev published its own set of images, claiming that those released by Russia were false.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

So predictable of MH370 coverup: Poisoning the well whenever something more credible crop up in South China Sea

Why do you think they always poison the well with nonsensical distractions whenever some credible evidence of the true crash in South China Sea surface? 

Credible evidence of the MH370 crash (the oil slicks, the floating debris) though less than a normal mid-air explosion would still be there hours after the crash. The MH370 crash was unusual as it was deliberately shot down (vaporised) by USN (US Navy) testing out their latest DEW laser weaponry in the Feb-March battle drills in the South China Sea. The physics and maths fit so well, there could not be any other explanation for the mysterious "undetected mid-air crash". 

So when the first independent Vietnamese renaissance flights picked up miles of oil slicks at 2 major spots (other minor ones) and later confirmed by the Royal Singapore Air Force (RSAF), the Malaysian Idiot Authorities (MIA) quickly dismissed the oil as "normal" oil slicks from unknown sources but not from the most likely source of the day .....the MH370 crash. The MIA took some oil samples near the coast of Peninsula Malaysia and quickly "declared the oil did not come from the missing plane". They were right in that spin. There were no photos showing the operation where the oil samples were collected from the miles long oil slicks at the suspected trails to the final crash location. There had been no further investigation into the source of the oil slicks. Very strange indeed. Unlike the CIA and Mossad who had decades of covering up inside jobs from the Titanic to 911 and to more recent Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing; the MIA is virtually inexperienced mega-sabotage false flags. The best they had was May13 in 1969 where the racial massacre of innocent Chinese Malaysians were again feebly blamed on the opposition party leaders like Lim Kit Siang. He was alleged to have pissed on the UMNO flag in Kuala Lumpur that started the riot. He was in fact in Sabah, more than 1,500 km away from KL.

This and many other feeble attempts to divert attention away from the real crash scene in South China Sea, substantiate our belief that MH370 had indeed crashed in the South China Sea.

So before this story (by Tim Ackers) started to gain traction, they invented the "Iphone in the Ass" story. A blank photo was allegedly taken and sent from Diego Garcia by Philip Wood. That was debunked as the photo and phone message was sent from a time zone UTC
(Philip Wood and his girlfriend exposed as crisis actors in the Boston Marathon false flag bombing)   together with

They (the CIA - Coverup International Assholes) had to quickly announce that a debris had washed ashore in the western coast of Australia. That was just to hold our attention until the Tim Ackers' story is forgotten. When it did not, they then introduce the GeoResonance's discovery that the plane was largely intact and submerged in the Bay of Bengal.  

IS THIS MH370'S TAIL? Now UK scientist 'sights' debris painted in MAS colors in area flagged up by US pilot

    MH17 - another Gulf of Tongkin in Ukraine

    Amin says:
    July 29, 2014 at 8:03 am
    the location (distance, angle wrt to flight path, time, altitude) of the crash scene at Hrabove does not line with the “explosion point” at 1:20pm (exact coord). So the crash scene at Hrabove is definitely a staged crash site.
    Graham says:
    July 29, 2014 at 10:51 am
    When an aircraft is travelling at around 500 knots and gets directly hit by a missile, or suffers from the shock wave of a missile detonating within 60 feet or more, would the resulting aircraft “debris” end up having “zero forward velocity” and simply plummet to the ground vertically above the “explosion point”?
    -edited by Ashley K.

    Our answer:
    The answer to Graham question is obviously NO. Now who would ask such a silly question?

    No matter what, there is still the forward momentum. The time taken to fall from an altitude of 33,000ft (10km) would be 45.4 sec. (SQRT((2*ht)/g). The max horizontal speed would be the last cruising speed which was 490 knots. 

    In reality, the speed decreases immediately after dis-integration due to drag and loss of momentum. For ease in calculation, we use a constant velocity (490 knots) to calculate the maximum distance. Further the heaviest and strongest parts of the plane like the engine, would be flung off the furthest distance from the point of explosion. On ground, the engine turbine would generally mark the upper limit of the debris zone, save for a few odd small projectile fragments. All things considered, the maximum distance for MH17 should be 7.1149 miles or 11.45km. To be on the safe side, the conical-shape debris field on ground, would span a couple of km to max 13 km with an angular swathe of  <10 to 60 deg. (assumptions used in lieu of field parameters). 

    Thus, anyone (e.g Stew Webb) suggesting a debris field stretching 30 miles in diameter, would not be talking about a single instantaneous explosion-disintegration event (within milliseconds) but rather a slow dis-integration process (lasting secs to probably a few minutes) i.e bits of the aircraft falling off while the main engines powered on until the main dis-integration event. 

    Note: In MH370, the Boeing 777 (reg 9M-MRO) travelled for another 507 km or 30 minutes after the Last Contact location (LCL), before it was finally vaporised (est. 80%) 92 km off the coast of Vietnam.  DEW-laser can operate at many energy level and frequencies. The targeted plane is continuously tracked with non-lethal beams as soon as it comes within range. Dew-laser (as with all electromagnetic frequency devices) don't work well under thunderstorm or unstable sky conditions. For that reason MH370 shot-down was chosen in the mid-night or early hours of the day as mid-day in the Equator are prone to thunderstorm showers. MH17 9M-MRD was shot down at 1:20 pm at Lat 47 deg, in clear blue sky.  DEW-Laser can also be used to shoot down a plane without vaporising it as shown in the video.

    You can watch an illustration of the DEW-Laser system at

    Unlike larger laser systems that have the power to vaporize targets, the LaWS system will be used to blur the vision of UAVs and missiles and throw them off a ship’s tracks. Although primarily a countermeasure, the LaWS does pack enough of a punch to do some real damage to small boats and drones, igniting outboard fuel reserves and, in one demonstration, setting a stealth drone’s airframe alight.

    Look at the Big Picture, the plane view.
    Leaving aside the mode of destruction for the time being, it is obvious that the ground position of all debris including the plane's fuselage or wrecks,  should always be ahead (in the heading of the aircraft) of the “explosion point” by at least a km to a max of 12 km (depending on the altitude of detachment from the main fuselage). In simple terms, no debris should fall backwards (aft of) the explosion point. This is not speculation but a scientific fact. Refer to the following map.

    According flt data log, of the last 7 minutes from 1:13 to 1:20pm (local time), the last radar contact (LRC) was at 1:20pm, 5.8 km south of the “staged crash site ASCS1” at Hrabove. See the diagram in Planted crash scene confirmed by Airbus satellite photos & laws of physics.

    The reported crash site at Hrabrove had to be preplanned and prestaged. It is no coincidence the Staged Crash site was staged in an abandoned building lot right at the road junction for easy access. It would be easy to detonate a fireball on a debris dump at the time of crash and to video it from afar without seeing the burning dump. There are many more evidence for our assertion but the main reason for staging a crash scene ….. MH17 was downed by a DEW Laser weapon, not a missile.

    The most important question is, "why was the crash site (ASCS1) at Hrabove staged so far (3-5km) off the 117 deg flight path? Couldn't they have staged it between Snizhne – Torez (where the debris actually fell)? 

    It is really the case of “moving the mountain or the road”. Staged crash sites cannot be moved at the last minute without exposing the plot. This also answers the often asked question, “why did flt MH17 deviated from past 10 flight paths to an obvious danger zone”? Ukraine ATC were in fact complicit in guiding MH17 into the “mouse trap” at Hrabove. It can be seen from our first compilation, flt MH17 was heading 108.5 deg from 1:13-1:15pm. If it continued, the plane would be too far north (by 5km) of the staged crash site (ASCS1) at Hrabove.

    There was an urgent last minute course correction between 1:15 – 1:17pm, to get into the preplanned flight path (112 deg) heading directly to Hrabove. Unlike a car, the plane takes tens of seconds to minutes, to stabilise on a new course. By 1:17pm, it was clear that the new corrected course at 117.71 deg (not by design, but perhaps Divine Intervention?) was too far south (3-5 km) of Hrabove. The last radar contact was preplanned at 1:17pm with the “purported crash explosion” a minute after. In the original flight plan heading 112 deg to Hrabrove, a mid-air explosion at 33,000ft (10km) would fit in nicely with the planted debris at Rozsypne, a few km before Hrabove, the main engine crash site. 

    But things don't always go exactly to plan. At the over-corrected course (117 deg) an explosion at 1:18pm would certainly raise more question. It was simply too far behind the staged crash site at Hrabrove. A nail biting moment for those in command at DEW-Laser weapon control centre. 

    To beam or not to beam, Scott?

    Failure was not an option as they could not have a second chance with this premeditated crash, not within the week anyway. As they were debating on the issues, another precious minute passed by. 

    Finally they decided to press the red button. Hence the delay in last radar contact until 1:20pm. By then the “fabricated explosion point” was way past Hrabrove and heading towards the heavily populated Snizhne area ahead. At best, the DEW-laser weaponry can vaporise 80% of a fast moving airline. Odd sharp edge debris speeding above 300 knots, are just as lethal as shrapnels from a bomb. 

    Not that the Kabal value the lives of the local civilians. They are more afraid of the wide press publicity and open protests of local population fatalities. While they can suppress and hide the discoveries of “real MH17 debris”, local fatalities would throw wide open the 2 sets of crash pattern (one real and one staged).

    Unique to DEW-laser weaponry, the tail fins or wings of the plane can be "burned off" selectively, to drastically alter the course of the fast descending plane. That is the reason main scattered debris (20% of normal crash) zone is about 30deg off the straight 117deg course, into the lesser populated zone between Torez and Snizhne. 

    Compared with the 1988 PAM103 at Lockerbie where 11 locals were killed and dozens of houses destroyed, this MH17 crash emerged with no local fatalities, no real house damage (except those staged as well) and most important of all, no major crash crater. BTW Lockerbie was downed by an explosion within the plane at 31,000ft (9.4km). 

    Bomb within MH17 or external missile hit can never explain the strange flight path of MH17 before crashing. For those who had been overly critical of the DEW-Laser downing of MH370 and MH17 (without basis, of course), it might interest you to know that the US-released satellite photos accusing Russia of x-border shelling, showed the fabricated shelled area to be on the same flight course of MH17 (117 deg). If everything else fails, the US-Kabal military intelligence was on standby, to suggest the missiles might have come from Russian artillery/missile fire. That is how desperate they are, to suck Russian into triggering a WWIII.