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All the bullshit still doesn't add up 3 days after the MH370 crash.

  • Ashley Kenneth A.C.T_B42Late
Airline Crashes Truth Movement
- Gary Lambert
Safety Is Not An Option Movement.
Joint Statement 001 on 11 March 2014

All the details coming out of the most recent airline crash, Malaysian Airline System (MAS) flight MH370, still doesn't add up so far. The number of blunders by MAS, the main stream media and government of Malaysia is starting to make a serious tragedy look like a circus. It appears we are being led into one wild goose chase after another. If the authorities knew the score (or at least suspected), why continue the charade of giving false hope and suspense like in a reality TV show? Some even suggested the tragedy smack of 911 cover-ups. Come on get serious. Cut out all the bullshit. There should not be any politics or racial discrimination in the SAR or recovery efforts. Something must be amiss when the Malaysian government earned US praises while China repeatedly warned the Malaysian government of shirking their responsibilities and lacklustre efforts. Relatives of the Chinese victims have also complained of being badly treated and ignored by MAS. Are we on the same planet?

  1. Actual time of MH370 departure. We have received information that MH370 departed at 00:27 MYT and not 00:41 MYT as reported by MAS and all mainstream media. If MAS could not even get it right with a simple matter of checking its own online system, can we trust other more important information given out by MAS? MAS media statement was issued at 07:24 MYT, 7 hours after departure. Definitely more than sufficient time to check.
  2. MAS originally stated MH370 lost contact with Subang Air Traffic Control (SATC) at 02:40MYT. After some obvious position-speed-time discrepancies, a spokesman confirmed the last contact took place at 01:30 MYT between flight crew and SATC, but reiterated the plane did not vanish from the SATC system until 0240 MYT. Latest revision: MH370 was last seen by radar at 0122MYT and last heard on radio at 0130MYT. Why did MAS intentionally delay the “loss of radar” and last radio contact to 0240 MYT?
  3. Last Radio Contact after loss of radar signal. A pilot of an earlier Boeing 777 plane flying into Vietnam airspace, bound for Narita Japan, was asked to assist in contacting the missing MH370 after it went off-radar at 0122MYT. The pilot managed to make radio contact but there was a lot of static interference. He could not make out the “mumbling” from the missing MH370 before loosing the emergency radio connection at 0130 MYT. Why is this not given due investigation in preference to other wild goose chases?
  4. Why did it take MAS and the Malaysian government more than 6 hours, to make the public announcement of an obviously lost plane? An earlier public alert could have initiated the Search And Rescue (SAR) much earlier to save possible survivors, no matter how remote. More than 24 hours later, the acting Transport Minister still ruled out the possibility of a crash, just because the crash site had not been located yet. Not prioritising and NOT ruling out any possibilities, even the highly improbable ones like pilot suicide or cooperative hijacking, the Minister is spreading out valuable resources too thin within the crucial hours of likely survival or successful recovery. “Jack of all trades but master of none.”
  5. Crash debris field found 520 km north-east of the Last Contact Location (LCL). With the discovery of the plane's window/door, about 92 km off the coast of Vietnam (108 miles from Ho Chi Minh City), it appears that MH370 deviated 18 to 19 degrees off its normal flight route above HCMC. It takes about 47 seconds for a debris to free fall from 35,000ft to ground. With an assumed sudden explosion at the maximum cruising speed of 0.84 Mach or 639 mph, the maximum lateral displacement thereafter, can be calculated to be 13.4 km or 8.3 miles. This fact and the last emergency radio contact 8 minutes after the lost radar signal at 0122MYT, confirm no immediate explosion near LCL.
  6. Facts confirming NO immediate explosion near LCL. All modern airlines are equipped with multiple tracking devices. Both Boeing and MAS have refused to confirm if the missing plane had a transponder or other radar-detecting equipment installed. Strange refusal indeed.

    Rolls Royce, the manufacturer of the two Trent 800 engines on the missing jetliner, confirmed it tracks all of its engines at its control centre in Britain. Rolls Royce also confirm they would know first hand if there is something wrong with the engine or any kind of problems. Boeing also has the ability to track all of its aircraft anywhere in the world in real time. Thus, the possibility that the jetliner is still largely intact (flying or otherwise) is very very slim unless Boeing or Rolls Royce are in the game of playing hide and seek and not disclosing the truth at this crucial period of time.

    An instantaneous catastrophic explosion could knock out all radio and electronic tracking devices at once. But it would also mean a debris field of 15 km radius at the point of lost contact (LCL). MAS and the Malaysian government should have dispatched air reconnaissance within hours of the abnormal but significant “loss of total contact” especially if the emergency radio contact by the other MH flight to Narita, Japan, was also strangely cut off with high static noise. It would have confirmed the negative possibility of a mid-air explosion at the LCL itself.

    This means the missing plane must have travelled considerable distance and time without any radio or electronic detection. This also rules out any hijacking (cooperative or otherwise) or pilot suicide crash as they could not shut down the in-built electronic tracking devices even if they maintained radio silence.

    The only way, the missing plane could travel a distance of 507 km for 29.5 minutes at cruising speed or slower before total disintegration, is for all electronic controls to be FRIED as in an EMP attack. The jet engines would still be running. At this time, the runaway jetliner is virtually a “rocket” with 239 “passenger” onboard. It must be hell as the technical crew (pilot incl) could do nothing but pray for more than 30 minutes or longer.

    That is the only way the missing plane could have travelled that distance or time with no radar detection or radio contact?
  7. Irresponsible MAS & Inept Malaysian government emergency response. Alternatively, even without knowing the crash location, absence of emergency tracking or radio contact, MAS need not wait and hope that by some miracles, the “lost plane” could somehow land safely at Beijing. That would be totally na├»ve wishful thinking. The entire MAS management should be sacked and charged for criminal misconduct. What were they thinking? Six hours of no communication and radar detection. Still denying the plane had crashed at a presser more than 9 hours later. Were MAS trying to rescue survivors or denying their paying customers the right to survive?
  8. Why are some elements of the mainstream media, Transport, Defence and Security Ministries, irresponsibly promoting unfounded ridiculous theories and widening the SAR area, instead of focusing on the most probable? Obvious, the big elephant in the room was totally ignored.

    The one and only one probable cause of an “instant total” breakdown of all communication and electronic devices and no immediate explosion in the vicinity of LCL, is an EMP attack. An EMP attack specifically targeted on MH370 and not any other jetliners in the busy air route. The EMP attack could be delivered by a laser weapon on a stealth vehicle (stealth drone, plane, vessel or submarine). Although the destruction of the jetliner may not be immediate like a missile hit, it would jam all electronic devices from communicating to the air-control system or giving any kind of distress signals. The crew would have no control at all. That would explain why MH370 could travel another 507 km for more than 30 minutes, without giving any distress calls. It would also explain the mysterious “turn-back” detected by the Defense Radar system. It wasn't MH370 turning back but the “interference” of the laser beams.
  9. If MH370 was the target of an EMP attack, there must be huge global-local issues and motives. Obviously, there are plenty. They will be detailed out in future joint statements by A.C.T. B42Late and S.I.N.A.O.M.
  10. Innocent civilians should not be used as Human Shields or Human Sacrifices for any commercial, political, religious or racial motives. We demand an end to all drone strikes, fracking, EMP space weapons, climate change geo-engineering and any induced natural calamities (earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, abnormal blizzards, floods etc) or mega-accidents. Our prayers and condolences to all the relatives, friends and loved ones of the MH370 victims on this 3rd Anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster.
Date: 11 March, 2014.
code no: ACT20140312112629 GE Last location Debris SAR
code no: ACT20140312105113 US laser weapons

code no: ACT20140312112629 GE Last location Debris SAR

code no: ACT20140312105113 US laser weapons

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