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MH17 - a false flag inside job to falsely accuse Putin & Russia.


we are unable to publish full articles on the MH17 tragedy yet. Lots of inside info and details coming to us from all angles; substantiating the fact that this is yet another false flag event. Main purpose is to falsely accuse Putin and Russia. The evidence we will be presenting speak for themselves.

We will be adding significant digested data and illustration as and when they have been double-checked and compiled. Please bear with us and watch this page as we add more irrefutable evidence of this inside job.

MH17-9M-MRO and MH370-9M-MRD confuse-switcheroo distraction.

Never before in the history of airline crashes, have so many uncommon "mistakes / coincidences" originated from a common source that points the finger back to the perpetrators of the crimes of mass destruction. Those culprits now stand as naked as the "emperor who wore no clothes".  

Only a vaporised air crash would need a staged crash scene.

Planned years ago, MH17 was a set-up to frame Putin & Russia at the right time when the right "willing" victim (MAS) comes along. While it is possible to set up a false flag frame-up with an unwilling victim, the risk of accidental exposure is too high to even consider. It is a fact that Titanic, 911, TWA-800, Lockerbie, AF447, MH370 all involved complicit govts, korporats (shipping lines, airlines, insurance) and regulators.

Who had control of the Ukrainian airspace to guide flight MH17 to the preplanned flight path to disaster, Zone 1?  It is a fact that MH17 was heading 108.5 deg; about 5 km too far NE of the staged crash site at Hrabove. An over-correction made between 1:15 to 1:17pm, ended up with the "mistake flight path of 117.71 deg" heading towards the densely populated town of Snizhne (Zone 2).  While the perpetrators of this CMD (Crime of Mass Destruction) could not care less about the local populace casualties, they do worry the reported local casualties could inadvertently expose their crime to frame up Putin & Russia. That would defeat the no. 1 objective.

While they could choose to shoot down MH17 with a BUK missile and blame it on Russia, it would all come to naught if the dispersion pattern of the plane debris, indicates where the missile were shot from. Staging the crash sites would not work (with a missile shoot down) since the actual crash pattern would have overwhelmed the rather constrained limited staged crash pattern. Worse, the staged crash sites would definitely point "fingers" back at the US & their Nazis Ukrainian minions.

A better plot would be: To openly accuse Russia and Putin of supporting the pro-Russian Federalists and providing the BUK missiles in the shoot down while they secretly vaporise MH17 completely. The few remnant debris from MH17 can be covertly collected and replanted in the forested or open fields NW of Zone 1. That way there would be no possibility of 2 crash pattern.

Even then, the risk of stray debris falling into the densely populated zone 2 (in the direct path of 117 deg) was deemed to high. Thus, before complete disintegration, the plane was diverted more than 30 deg by directing the DEW Laser beam at the tail section first. This is the hallmark of DEW Laser weaponry. And when the partially vaporised plane (more like a projectile) was in the desired course (towards zone 3), beam intensity / power were increased to complete the vaporisation process.

Needless to say, a vaporised (even 70-80%) plane crash would not even look like a normal plane crash with absence of bodies (almost all of the 298 passengers & crew would be vaporised first) and 70-80% of the plane's contents, engines and fuselage. Therefore, dead bodies, jet engines, parts of MH370 fuselage (alpha MRO repainted as MRD) which were salvaged in the real crash sites at South China Sea, Offshore Vietnam, piles of expected air crash luggage and cargoes, had to be brought in covertly in the nights before the scheduled crash. Obviously, too a bomb would be detonated in ASCS1 (to simulate the engine crash and explosion) at a scheduled time. This was of course captured in a video shown by CNN, ABC and all of the KABAL bought MSM presstitutes.

"Absolute proof" of 9M-MRC debunked in seconds.

The staged crash sites are littered with all "MRD" debris (or shall we say "MRO" repainted as "MRD"). They had 4 months to do this. Then take a photo of MH17 9M-MRD on one of the earlier flights, photoshop (or more precisely, cut the D in the centre, smudge it a little and voila! you have a new twitter-FB hoax - distraction to add to the main false flag event). It's that simple. Takes less than a minute to change.

Last time we checked,there tens of thousands of gullibles sharing and retweeting it. Naturally, the bought MSM presstitutes and their schills will be gleefully and knowingly promoting this prank. The biggest lie is sometimes the simplest.

See how the youtube and MSM media spins and promote the Cor Pan prank. Let see how many still leave them online after this debunk.
Cor Pan posted the following image from Amsterdam's Schipol airport moments before the flight took off at 12:15 pm local time. The caption reads: "If it disappears, this is what it looks like," an apparent reference to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in March.

In a reference to the disappearance of flight MH370 in March, Cor Pan, believed to be shown in this profile picture, posted a picture, right, on his Facebook page with the message: "If the plane disappears, this is what it looks like."

Engine size at staged crash site (Hrabovo) does not match the standard Boeing 777 engine. 

Fabricated "hard" evidence by FT created on 1 June, revised wreck 4 July, published 21 July.

Don't the FT presstitutes check their sources before publishing on 21 July?  Incidentally, this propaganda piece was created on  1 June 2014 and revised on 4 July 2014, 13 days before MH17 was purportedly shot by a missile. One wonders when was this "hard evidence" fabricated?

Fabricated "hard" wreck confirm planted evidence, staged crash sites, prepared propaganda BS, preplanned speeches (blow jobs) by blackmailed western leaders & whores of mass deception (WMDs).....all out of sync, time & space with reality & real forensic evidence.

KZB's objective: Blame Putin & Russia, instigate WWIII

Confirmed: MH370 and MH17 were both vaporised by US DEW Laser weaponry. 
The real reason why corpses long dead, small size jet turbines and MH370 debris were used to stage the Planted Crash Scenes (PCS) at Hrabovo.

Unfortunately (for them), the Last Radar Contact (LRC) was at 1:20pm, more than 5 km south of Hrabovo PCS confirmed by AirbusDS satellite photos.

You can fool most people most of the time but you can never cheat real forensic physics.

Planted crash scene confirmed by Airbus satellite photos & laws of physics. 

Why is there a need for a Planted Crash Scene?

Because it was not a missile that shot down MH17. If missiles had been used, they were only for show (deception). Like MH370, MH17 was vaporised by a DEW laser weapon. It would have been very, very strange indeed to have a crash site with little debris and no organic (body parts) and other easily vaporised materials. That is why isolated intact corpses (reportedly days old) and pieces of MH370 fuselage (picked up on 8 March 2014 in the South China Sea) were dropped at around the targeted crash zone. Unfortunately for the schemers, many of the planted debris fell short (by a few km) from the actual crash location of the most resistant parts of the plane (ie the titanium jet engines). Fakes cannot be as good as the genuine.

Notice too, the easy to remember repeated nos in the planned accident (hallmark of false flag covert ops).
At 1:17pm the plane changed course to 117.71 degrees. Remote controlled to steer MH17 plane to the designated "missile hit" location.

At 1:19pm (911 reverse) the distance to the planned "missile hit" at 1:20 pm, was 11.7 km.
With such precise timing and targeted distances/course, how can this not be an inside job?

Clipped Invalid M'sian passport suggests planted evidence at MH17 crash scene.

Malaysian Airlines MH17 - Something Stinks

Something Stinks in this Malaysian Airlines MH17 Attack and it's not the smell of decomposed bodies that were dead well before this event. Is it a coincidence that 2 of histories major airplane disasters happen within a few months and involves the same Airline?
2 MAS crashes before and after Obama's visit. Najib visited the US and had the most number of personal contacts with the siting POTUS than any other M'sian PM. So either Obama or Najib is jinxed.


Despite angry denials by Malaysian government and airline authorities that MH17 pilots had asked to alter their flight path to avoid danger, details have emerged, showing there may be more than meets the eye.

According to well-placed Malaysia Airlines sources, at least two cabin crew swapped shifts so they would not be on MH17, specifically because they were worried about the flightpath. UK tabloid, The Mail on Sunday, was told that worried MH17 pilots consulted air traffic controllers in Malaysia and also made an informal approach to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). But still Malaysia Airlines did not divert the route, unlike other carriers.

The latest allegations in the foreign media plunges Malaysian authorities into further disrepute especially after new Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai was caught bending the truth when he insisted the flight path used was safe and implied it had been cleared by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). In an immediate rebuttal, the ICAO made it clear it "does not declare airspace safe or unsafe or undertake any other direct operational responsibilities with respect to civilian air services."

Full article:
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At least we now know,  that safety was not MAS priority. The excuse of cutting cost (flight distance) is a bullshit excuse to cover the real hidden agenda.

Flight path deviation in the last 5 minutes before the main explosion (hit by missile) at 1:20 pm 13km from crash site. The actual crash site was 30 deg off the straight line trajectory of the plane. Dead bodies and pieces of the planes were found  at villages in Rozsypne and Hrabove; at least, 30 seconds or about 5km before the last contact at 1:20pm. This means the plane was disintegrating and dropping body parts 5km before the purported "missile hit" explosion point. How can this be?

Journalists are supposed to report the tragedy after it has occurred. But this predictive reporting by FT proves that MSM presstitution is alive and kicking. CNN was also caught creating the stories on MH370 tragedy, at least 7 hours before the plane even left the airport.


  1. Jim Stone is absolutely wrong in saying “the whole MH370 plane reg 9M-MRD)” substituted as MH17 with a plane load of corpses. He had difficulty explaining where the real MH17 (9M-MRO) is? The crash scene at Hrabove is staged (plenty of evidence). But why stage a crash scene when a missile-hit plane would have plenty of debris of its own? But a plane downed by a DEW-laser weaponry is different. 80% would have been vaporised leaving an odd 20%. Too little for a normal air crash. So they had to stage. But the staged location was too far back in time and location (about 5 km off and 1m20s early). All the calculations. charts and evidence are given here:

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    2. look at this.This is not GE90

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