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US intelligence shot itself in the foot with the fake PS satellite evidence

- by Jane Doe.

Courtesy of US State Department

by RT

'Fake': Russian Defence Min rebuffs US sat image claims
Published time: July 28, 2014 11:29
Edited time: July 28, 2014 12:25

Russia’s Defense Ministry has stated that “fake” satellite images of alleged shelling of Ukraine from Russian territory were created by US counselors “with close links to Ukraine’s Security Council.”

The authenticity of the images is impossible to prove, the ministry added.

The Defense Ministry stated that the images posted by the US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt on his Twitteraccount, allegedly proving the shelling of Ukraine from Russian territory, are “fake,” ITAR-TASS reports.

“These materials were posted to Twitter not by accident, as their authenticity is impossible to prove – due to the absence of the attribution to the exact area, and an extremely low resolution. Let alone using them as ‘photographic evidence’,” Igor Konashenkov, the official representative of the ministry, stated.

“Pictures” like this, the general continued, “have also been provided by Kiev representatives as an excuse for the usage of heavy artillery and other weaponry by the Ukrainian army – against the country’s civilian population.”

“Last Friday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Valery Geletey again tried to add a sensational side to photo collages like this in the Ukrainian media – in vain. But on Sunday, the US ambassador to the Ukraine joined in, posting those satellite images on his Twitter page, which secured him the attention of the loyal Ukrainian media,” the Russian ministry said.

This scheme is called “an informational merry-go-round,” Konashenkov added, using an expression commonly uttered in Russia relating to feeding the information to the media.

“It’s no secret to anyone that fakes like this are made by a group of US counselors staying in the Kiev building of the Security Council, led by General Randy Kee,” he noted.

The general outlined the cycle as follows: the US counselors in the Kiev feed the disinformation to the Ukrainian media, with the news being taken by the Washington official representatives and presented as statements.

Afterwards, the Ukrainian media cite the US authorities and publish articles like as “objective.”

NO It can be proven
Even my 5-yr old can say it is a fake.  Here are the reasons:

1. See the US-issued satellite photos in response to Russia's demand for evidence. US and NATO had been making baseless accusations for the last months. The baseless accusations intensified picked up after the false flag MH17 tragedy.  The proofs are in the PS (photoshopped) satellite photos themselves. 

2. Why would Russia shell regions under pro-Russian separatists control? It is like shooting yourself in the foot. The fact is, pro-Russian separatists controlled regions had been shelled by Kiev US-Nazi regime military. There is hardly any published press reports of Kiev-controlled territories shelled by Russia or even pro-Russian separatists. What are the Kiev-controlled military doing in Pro-Russian controlled territories?

3. See the satellite photos on 20 July and 23 July below. The top 2 were untouched. Compare the mid-tone enhanced (balanced) images below. First note the forested vegetation. The top right was cleverly covered by the location map. But the left edge shows that the vegetation is more lush in just 3 days? Obviously trees / bushes don't grow that fast.  There are definitely more days (in not weeks in between the 2 satellite photos). 

figure 1. 

4. Next look at the double-track marks in the open field. Shelling don't and can't erase/change the existing tracks especially where it has not been hit. Entire length of tracks seem to have vanished. Spot some of the more obvious differences (nos 1 - 5). 

5. Nope. The vanished tracks are not due to scale, contrast or color intensity factors. You can confirm by comparing the visible tracks on both photos. In fact, there should have been more tracks on the 23 July photo and not the other way round. This could only mean that the "shelled craters" had been PS (photoshopped) into an earlier satellite photo.      

6. Now why didn't they use the same satellite photo? Adding the "PS shelled craters" would seem too obvious it was a fake PS job. They wanted the background to be slightly different to quell speculation of faking the satellite photos. It is quite possible both photos were taken much earlier and they do not have a later photo after the Kiev military moved out. It would have been unrealistic to show Kiev military units still in place after the shelling. Thus, an earlier photo before the deployment or at the commencement of the Kiev military units had to be used.  Simple deduction shows the "simplistic thinking of the photoshop culprits". Smart in virtual computer games but not at all in practical military ways. 

7. Next notice that the "shelled craters" are all too symmetrical as if they had all fallen vertically to the ground. Russia was just tens of km away, across the border. If the shelling had been from Russian's side of border, the real shell craters would be skewed. Prominent convex deep head end with a shallower tapering tail. The head-tail (shooting direction) would have been west-easterly ie. NW-SE depending on the shooting direction. 

figure 2.

8. In the second satellite evidence (figure 2) titled "Artillery Strikes within Ukraine", the US intelligence claimed the Russian's self-propelled artillery (area R) had been used to strike Ukrainian military units (area U) within Ukraine. The satellite photo is distorted (at different angle) with respect to (wrt) the Google Earth image. Nevertheless we managed to scale them to within 10% accuracy and angular distortion.

9. Why would the Russian military waste their military strikes on an empty farm land?  The nearest town of Dyakove is about 3 to 6 km to the north-west of the strike area.

10.  As with bullet ballistics, the pattern of individual and composite craters can indicate the direction of the shell batteries. The red lines show that the artillery fires were shot from the south-west, some 3.5 to 5.5 km  west of the reported fire zone (R). In the corrected google map, the direction of fire is 14 to 18 deg in error. In the distorted satellite photos released by US Intelligence, the error in direction of fire is 21-24 deg.

11.  Although minute details on both the fire (R) and target (U) zones can be matched with the google maps, there are disturbing discrepancies. In the U area, a noticeable "buried" topographic feature in the farm land is not seen in the satellite photo. It could have been inadvertently masked by the overlying layers during the photoshop process.

12. The actual size of the detailed overlay is incorrectly shown in the satellite photo for area U. The vegetated hedges at the edge of the field however lined up perfectly. This again suggest photoshop bloopers in the rush job.

13. The detailed overlay for the Russian Fire Zone (R) bears no resemblance to the actual ground topography. The 2 branches of river (well vegetated edges) should have appear in the detailed overly R. There was none. The power lines with prominent pylons should have passed thru area R. The detailed overlay R instead shows horizontal lines of farm land with increasing undulations across the centre of the rectangular area to the southern edge. On the google map, the major irregularities should cut across the northern section from west to east.

14. Figure 2, shows that the satellite photo released by the US Intelligence accusing Russia of cross border artillery strikes into Ukraine is total PS fabrication.

15. Additional analyses show that the power lines with pylons would have crossed the array of artillery units with at least one unit near a pylon.

figure 3 

16. What are the chances the strike zone (U) lies on the MH17 flight path heading 117.71 deg?

17. Incidentally, the location of MH17 tragedy lies on ZEAD (Zionist Evil Axis of Disaster) joining the 2014 Feb 11 Lockhead C130 plane crash,  20130116 BP Algeria Plant Hostage crisis, 20090601 Air France flt AF447 in the mid Atlantic. The same ZEAD passes close by the potential Senkaku flash point (island dispute between China & Japan).  Too many coincidences. It had to be a MIHOP accident.

figure 4

 ( be updated periodically with new photo analyses......) 

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