Wednesday, 30 July 2014

So predictable of MH370 coverup: Poisoning the well whenever something more credible crop up in South China Sea

Why do you think they always poison the well with nonsensical distractions whenever some credible evidence of the true crash in South China Sea surface? 

Credible evidence of the MH370 crash (the oil slicks, the floating debris) though less than a normal mid-air explosion would still be there hours after the crash. The MH370 crash was unusual as it was deliberately shot down (vaporised) by USN (US Navy) testing out their latest DEW laser weaponry in the Feb-March battle drills in the South China Sea. The physics and maths fit so well, there could not be any other explanation for the mysterious "undetected mid-air crash". 

So when the first independent Vietnamese renaissance flights picked up miles of oil slicks at 2 major spots (other minor ones) and later confirmed by the Royal Singapore Air Force (RSAF), the Malaysian Idiot Authorities (MIA) quickly dismissed the oil as "normal" oil slicks from unknown sources but not from the most likely source of the day .....the MH370 crash. The MIA took some oil samples near the coast of Peninsula Malaysia and quickly "declared the oil did not come from the missing plane". They were right in that spin. There were no photos showing the operation where the oil samples were collected from the miles long oil slicks at the suspected trails to the final crash location. There had been no further investigation into the source of the oil slicks. Very strange indeed. Unlike the CIA and Mossad who had decades of covering up inside jobs from the Titanic to 911 and to more recent Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing; the MIA is virtually inexperienced mega-sabotage false flags. The best they had was May13 in 1969 where the racial massacre of innocent Chinese Malaysians were again feebly blamed on the opposition party leaders like Lim Kit Siang. He was alleged to have pissed on the UMNO flag in Kuala Lumpur that started the riot. He was in fact in Sabah, more than 1,500 km away from KL.

This and many other feeble attempts to divert attention away from the real crash scene in South China Sea, substantiate our belief that MH370 had indeed crashed in the South China Sea.

So before this story (by Tim Ackers) started to gain traction, they invented the "Iphone in the Ass" story. A blank photo was allegedly taken and sent from Diego Garcia by Philip Wood. That was debunked as the photo and phone message was sent from a time zone UTC
(Philip Wood and his girlfriend exposed as crisis actors in the Boston Marathon false flag bombing)   together with

They (the CIA - Coverup International Assholes) had to quickly announce that a debris had washed ashore in the western coast of Australia. That was just to hold our attention until the Tim Ackers' story is forgotten. When it did not, they then introduce the GeoResonance's discovery that the plane was largely intact and submerged in the Bay of Bengal.  

IS THIS MH370'S TAIL? Now UK scientist 'sights' debris painted in MAS colors in area flagged up by US pilot

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