Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Proof Iphone photo sent from Diego Garcia is elaborate fake by CIA-Mossad Shills

It is alarming that fake news travel and spread 1000s times faster and wider than the truth. Imagine not a single reader from China, despite sending our articles to dozens of news media. Use this to discern true truth seekers from the fake ones.

Please share widely. Purpose of the fake photo from Diego Garcia is to discredit truth seekers. Such fake inside info is to lead us down the wrong rabbit hole.

NO, This is not an April Fool Joke. The real joke is on you if you still believe MH370 landed at Diego Garcia or it crash-landed in South Indian Ocean. Don't believe the govt of M'sia, Aus, UK & US. They are all lackeys of George Soros Zionist Cabal  group.

Yes, we believe and have ample evidence the crash site was > 500 km from the last radar location (LCL). Although vaporised, there were bound to be some remnants of the airliner as it disintegrated in mid-air. But as soon as the Vietnamese and Chinese found some credible evidence to zoom in on the ground search, the M'sian govt quickly diverted attention to unlikely areas such as the Straits of Malacca. The US navy (still in the South China Sea following the war games drills with Thailand and M'sia)needed time to mop up and clear of crash site as well as along the debris trail of disintegrating flight path. Then they needed at least 5-7 days to slowly smuggle the small number of debris out of Malaysian waters into the open Indian Ocean, away from public scrutiny.

Until 18 March Tony Abbott was still diverting attention from Australia and the South Indian Ocean. He clearly stated that there was no intrusion anywhere near Australian Waters. This was to make sure no attention was focused on the intended stage crash site until US naval vessels were within range for heavy transport planes to scatter enough larger MH370 debris for the satellites to pick up positively from rubbish. Why did Australian PM Tony Abbott jumped the gun on 20 March, by announcing in Parliament the "credible evidence" based on satellite photos taken on 16 March when 2 days earlier (18 March) he had declared no air planes intruded into Australian airspace. He said air search was being diverted to the "credible suspected crash site" as he spoke. Why couldn't he wait an hour more for confirmation by the search plane? There are multiple reasons. While it was relatively easy to plant debris for the "satellite to see", positive confirmation by ground search is another ball game. There is no guarantee the diverted search plane could find the "PLANTED MH370 debris" out in the open ocean with high waves. In which case, there may be stronger insistence to continue the search in the South China Sea area. Every day of intensified search increases the likelihood of picking up a small debris of the largely vaporised MH370 plane. By hook or by crook, the SAR in South China Sea must be called off and diverted to a larger staged scene at South Indian Ocean.

MH370 was vaporised by US Navy DEW 500 km from Last Radar loc (LRL) in South China Sea, after all electronic controls & communication systems were fried by laser at LRL. The fake story of MH370 landing at US base at Diego Garcia is to lead us down the wrong rabbit hole. AMSA is complicit in aiding US-CIA-MOSSAD in hoaxing the crash site in South Indian Ocean. We are still compiling all the evidence which will prove this staged crash scene in the South Indian Ocean.

This fake Iphone photo allegedly taken and sent from Diego Garcia is another nail in the coffin. If it manages to fool the international community, it will take off some heat on the M'sian and Aussie govt in the staged South Indian Ocean crash scene. It was also meant to confuse. If the US was involved, the last thing they would want is to have the stolen hijacked plane within its base. Security would have been so tight to ensure no leakage. If they could be so technically skilled in jamming the whole Boeing 777 plane, what is the small Iphone? No, it was intentionally "leaked" or sent from a location in the UTC-3 time zone. We too,  intentionally delayed publishing the CNN-html source code proof because of the strong likelihood of another time-zone discrepancy ploy. Remember all these were preplanned as different layers of contingencies or diversions.

The other objective is for the incensed relatives of the Chinese victims to keep pushing the Chinese govt into a war with the US over the matter. If the Chinese govt believe the fake story, they may be tempted to spy or openly confront the US. Perhaps the intention is for China to provoke a WWIII by sending warships to Diego Garcia. But for whatever sinister objectives, we find it urgent to debunk this fake IPhone photo taken and sent from Diego Garcia.   
The same website ( when web-browsed from Perth, WA (time zone UTC+8)shows the date and time of posting as 19 Mar, 09:22:38. If you check the hmtl source code of the same file (line 198), you would see the time of posting as Mar 19, 01:22:38 2014 which is the UTC time. At Perth with a time zone of UTC+8, the time displayed would be Mar 19, 09:22:38 2014.  Voila !

A sample of the code is extracted here: 
  • <h2 class="post_title">help</h2> <span class="post_poster_data">

  • <span class="post_author">Anonymous</span><span class="post_tripcode"></span>

  • </span>

  • <span class="time_wrap">

  • <time datetime="2014-03-19T01:22:38+00:00" class="show_time" title="4chan Time: 3/18/14(Tue)21:22">Wed Mar 19 01:22:38 2014</time>

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The site is UTC-4.

The posted video (at claimed the photo & msg were posted 1&1/2 hours after the blank photo was taken at 18 Mar 20:49. That would have been 18 Mar 22:22.

This confirms the photo taken by "Iphone at Diego Garcia" was in fact taken at Time Zone UTC-3. It was the same location as Anonymous who posted the fake msg & photo. It is impossible for the real "Philip Wood (the only American)" to have posted it from Diego Garcia, 11 hours ahead at a different time zone. He was supposed to be working in Kuala Lumpur, M'sia with a time zone of UTC+8 (same as Perth). His Iphone would have been set to KL local time which incidentally is the same as Beijing local time. So if the "Iphone photo" was set at local M'Sian time, ie 18 Mar 20:49 MYT,(assuming he could not change the setting to Diego Garcia local time), 1 & 1/2 hours would have been 18 Mar 22:22MYT. At time zone UTC-3, the date and time would have been 18 Mar 11:22 UTC-3. Did he wait 11 hours later to post? NO. The html code confirms that:     

"Philip Wood" (fake?) posted at 19 Mar 01:22 UTC (07:22 LT Diego Garcia) or 18 Mar 22:22 UTC-3. Photo date 18 Mar 21:08, orig.time 20:49 could not have been sent from Diego Garcia (+6 GMT) but from time zone UTC-3.  

Blank photo supposedly taken & sent from Diego Garcia. Busted as fake sent from time zone UTC-3


  1. The posting of PW's Iphone was sent from a location with the time zone UTC-3. The website [] is UTC-4. If PW's Iphone photo was really taken in Diego Garcia, it should have had a different time stamp on the EXIF data; like 19 Mar 07:49am MYT since it is unlikely the hostages on MH370 would be told where they were, blindfolded and all. Why MYT? Well, he was working in Kuala Lumpur and he last departed from KLIA. Hence it would be unlikely he had time to change to a new time zone at Diego Garcia. Unless he has got the freedom and time to update the phone before taking and sending of the blank photo. Well if he did, he must really be one hell of a cool person in a dark prison cell.

    Assuming he could do all that. The time stamp on the EXIF data should have been 19 Mar 05:49am UTC+6. So apparently the fraudster thought the coords were good enough to fool. There is such a thing as "inconsistency". In this case, the contents do not match the label. We confirmed this looking at the html code of the website posting.

    Same as CNN's first few articles (show) on the MH370 incident. They were first published 10 hours 10 minutes (according to the auto-generated html code, not the writer's publicly stated time) before the Airline (MAS) public statement. This could only mean CNN had prior knowledge.

    Anyone remembers BBC and FOX news having prior knowledge of WTC-7 collapse and actually reporting it on camera, more than 20 minutes before the collapse happened.

  2. Sometimes the real story is pushed as a 'conspiracy theory' to discredit the truth.

    Why is the Philip Wood voice message not mentioned?

  3. Anonymous April 10, 2014 at 9:06 AM
    If you do a bit of googling, ( search the image name) you'll find it was first posted on 4chan, of all places. The picture is still archived there (*see link below). Since it comes from 4chan it screams as a fake to me. 1. EXIF data can be changed and easily, you don't need to be some pro "hacker"(**see link below)
    2. Why would he post for help on 4chan of all places?(a place well known for trolling)



    - See more at:

  4. AnonymousApril 4, 2014 at 10:29 PM
    Hi this might seem small but earlier this week they were talking on the news about the search off western Australia..they were saying how it was a false alarm no sign of the plane absolutely no debris etc at the same time they said they are sending more search teams to that area to look for the black how the hell does that makes sense. We look for the black box in an area where there's been no debris or sign of plane crash? They were talking like that over and over on the first I thought I heard it wrong so I waited for the next news and same story..but its like nobody else seems to question what they said

  5. actually a lot did. but they never get published. See this