Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Probe begins as oil washes up on Rayong beach - Bangkok Post.

updated: 2014 Apr 7

Koh Samui also reported oil slick earlier from 20 March onwards. See updated map.
Koh Samui is about 275 n.miles from the LRL off the coast of Vietnam. At 1 knot, it takes about 12 days to arrive at the beaches of Koh Samui. Obviously the paying tourists were upset with the oiled beaches. 

Rayong being 500-550 n.miles from the LRL and beyond, reported the oil 20-23 days later.  

If the "shoes fit" and the maths add up, why are the authorities still so hesitant to investigate and speak up. Or is big brother US looking at them to keep their mouth shut.

The obvious source would be MH370 vaporised-crash but some oil company lackeys will take the rap by volunteering a fictitious pipeline leak.

(22 March) The authorities have launched inquiry to reports that oil slicks have been spotted near the popular tourist island of Koh Samui in southern Thailand.
Mr. Sermpong Poonsawat, a local businessman in Chaweng Beach on the island, said he has received complaints from many tourists they have encountered  thick oil residue after they waded into the sea off Chaweng Beach.
Local business groups had to jointly mobilise their staff and clean the oil slick from the beach in order to prevent any damage to the beach, Mr. Sermpong said.

He insisted that the oil slick is different to the commonly found residue of petrol used by fishing boats in the Gulf of Thailand, and called for the authorities to investigate the matter. "If this kind of incident happens again, tourist businesses in Samui will be certainly affected", Mr. Sermpong warned.

Mr. Charoen To-Itae, a resident in Baan Nai Tung community, also told our correspondent the oil slick has been seen on the 2-3 kilometre stretch of beach in Nai Tung for days now, causing black dots along the sandy shore as the oil began to sink into the beach.

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  1. Malaysia has chosen to conceal the fact MH370 made a distress call picked up by the US Naval Station Rayong - VTBU. In their distress call and translating this from a Chinese report in the China Times, MH370 required an immediate landing because the "cabin faced disintegration" [collapse?] .

    The US Embassy handed over tapes of this distress call to malaysia on day one by Malaysia refused to mention it in their preliminary report. The audio tape recordings released in that report have been dubbed from two different sources and excerts have been edited out.