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MH370: The tragic reason why the M'sian govt is now the subject of GLOBAL SCORN

Written by J. D. LovrenciearMonday, 31 March 2014 14:05

A big question like this from a big man surely deserves a complete answer. So sit back to read and reflect on this long Letter.
22 days of blank on the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing Jet 777 is certainly not candy in the mouth and one can well understand the Defense Minister-cum-Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammudin’s plight.
The Minister’s painful frustration was well echoed when he asked under the glare of the global media, “what more do people want?”
A question so serious certainly demands courageous, honest answers too.
The answers to his question perhaps can be found in just one question, namely:
Is the tragic disappearance of the Boeing state-of-art plane with 239 lives on board well managed, poorly managed or totally mismanaged by the Malaysian authorities and its government that claims to have over half a century of experience and trust?
That is what people want Mr. Honorable Minister. They want to be convinced that you and your pack of comrades are doing a job that is humanly and humanely possible.
Hisham's question show his lack of intellectual depth and signal's Malaysia's immaturity as a nation
In the thick of a crisis what people want is to be convinced that the right actions are being taken. The public – including governments, media, the affected family members, all of them expect reassuring and consistent answers and actions from a source that is directly responsible for a tragedy of such magnitude.
This is a case that involves a Malaysian national carrier. It is a government company. The people put in charge to manage and operate the business are sanctioned by the government.
The case also involves several agencies and ministries too. The Air Force, the DCA, the airport authorities, immigration – in short the entire government and even the plane manufacturers are being held responsible until such time that the truth is established.
And you also need to understand that the government of Malaysia cannot absolve itself from any eventual outcome finally. That is what people want to hear. Therefore they are demanding that the government acts responsibly, transparently and consistently.
But you put the cart before the horse when you recently concluded – even before any truth is finally established and all loose ends are tied, that the world will judge you and your political party which is the ruling government, fairly. That claim is a real flop, unfortunately.
In the thick of a crisis you do not make such statements of claim. Instead you could have let wisdom prevail by knowing that it is the same public who will eventually judge you and that you cannot argue that final judgment but accept it out of a sense of humility and seek to learn out of that verdict.
But you reversed the gun on yourself by even daring a statement that the government will not change anything in the way it handled this crisis in the future. Hello Sir, coming out of Ground Zero, the world’s superpower admitted that it had so much more to learn!
You see Honorable Minister, when your colleagues within the hallways of your government-cum-political party make conflicting statements; make public statements and then retract without a single drop of apology; or charge with allegations against foreign media and even Malaysian on-line media, do you expect the public to trust your actions?
In a crisis media is king, messenger of hope, enlightenment and truth, and bearer of news. People do not listen to political parties. They seek out the media. So do not fight with them. Court them with information, information, information and over and over again until they understand your honest best.
Sweet words won't do anymore
You may be deeply moved by this tragic and totally unwanted crisis; you may hug the grieving family members out of a deep sense of genuine consolation for them in this hour of grieve. That is all fine. But that still will not stop the public – here in Malaysia and the whole wide world from holding you and your political party of leaders accountable every inch of each passing day.
Do not be blinded with the presumption or perception or hardnened belief that people are heartless either. They can accept the fact that you or your government of over half a century may not have the resources and means to tackle this unprecedented crisis. What makes people take a questioning extreme is the fact that you and your government have been parading far too much and too long to the world that here is a regime that is racing to be world class soon.
You spent the nation’s blessings of oil and crop dividends on building mega structures. You wanted to make your badge of cars that would stand up against world brands and give a run for their money; you spent billions in erecting skyscrapers and put up the Twin Towers that made the world believe that here is a nation that is extremely capable.
You bought state-of-art submarines and spent, spent, spent on defense artilleries. Never mind for the time being about the unending commissions and kick-backs that made some people cash rich.
At every national parade marking Malaysia’s Independence Day, your government showcased an awe inspiring might of our military capabilities.
You flew that flag of “Truly Asia” in the four corners of the world in an attempt to keep bringing more tourists to a nation carved out in multi-million dollars advertisements as a destination not to be missed, a nation that is so well prepared, advancing and modernized.
To cut the story short, your government sold a long story of great expectations about Malaysia to the world. “Have you not over-sold” seems to be the question and perception now.
Why the M'sian govt is now the world's BIGGEST JOKE
Now in the wake of this mega-tragedy they learn of so many situations that need more answers.
Our submarine that was purchased at a huge cost that included the price of bombing away with C4 a Mongolian lady and her unborn child, cannot help.
Our fighter jets only made a slow appearance after almost three weeks when the rest of the world were already scrambling into action from the South China Sea to the southern Indian Ocean.
Now we are told by you that our technology needs to be upgraded to cope with INTERPOL’s security system; that foreigners with stolen and forged passports have been using Malaysia as an easy gateway; and many more.
It also seems that you and your team continue to make many more stumbles and stumbling blocks.
You cut off the Opposition law makers in the midst of a crisis that has national and international significance. But you could have bridged the gaps and appeared more sincere in working together for a larger cause. Are the opposition members not citizens of your land? Are they not also concerned about national image, reputation and of their duty to defend the nation?
Suggestions they offered in Parliament were lampooned or arm-twisted with "we know when and how".
The foreign media is slammed. The on-line media is threatened.
Why keep doing so in the thick of a crisis? What is so difficult to court with all media and offer your answers in a consistent, clear manner? What is so difficult to advise, plead and seek cooperation and sympathy from people and media by offering consistent, clear, honest, humble and transparent clarifications over and over again?
But you even choose to secretly hide away from media the Chinese nationals on arrival and holed them up inside closed doors where beriefings are held by you and your members. Your arguments that the family and next-of-kin need to protected from media harrasment fell apart like a stack of loose cards when the foreigners themselves went ahead to speak with the foreign media.
If all these are not enough, you are also found to be calling for all citizens to come together to protect the nation from its enemies. Who are your enemies? Who are these enemies of Malaysia? People who ask questions in the wake of inadequate or cloudy answers? People who hold you and your team mates responsible until such time that answers are established beyond reasonable doubt?
When the world questions or criticizes your actions they are not your enemies. They are opportunities to prove to the world that you are doing the right thing at the right time at the right place and by the right people.
And by the way what is this signature campaign you have unleashed through MCA in the bustling city streets? Are you not trying to create more enemies on your own accord? Is this not politicizing a crisis? Are you not trying to tell the world that Malaysians are upset with the world and are registering their protest?
What if the world takes offence and decides to pull out its helping hand in this crisis? What if the Chinese nationals who are here in Malaysia see this as a subtle attack on them? You forget that your government advised Malaysians to be extra careful in China when their citizens were displaying annoyance, anger and frustration outside your embassy.
Malaysia paying the price for its own oppressive, uncompetitive policies
So hopefully the government of Malaysia will find the answers to “what more do people want?” in all the many questions raised and pointers made here.
Simply put, the government of over half a century is paying the price for its unilateral decision making coveted by the oppressive Official Secrets Act, the Internal Security Act and the muzzled presses in the country. Such crutches will only give way in the face of a crisis, Sir!
It pays to be humble on the long haul Sir. We are a third world country. Formula 1 race circuits, mega-maligais, towering structures, resplendent capitals, “Malaysia Boleh” sloganeering and many more do not give a nation capacities to face a crisis competently, capably and with capacity.
It is attitude, values, mindsets, a track record of principles and honor that help a nation navigate through unprecedented eventualities like this MH370 tragedy.
Why is the PM shirking his responsibility
And why is the prime minister of Malaysia so illusive in these critical hours, days and weeks of national need?
For a crisis that falls right onto the lap of a government and with international implications and ramifications, should Najib not be the first person to stand in front and stand tall to take this nation through the crisis?
Why is a Deputy Minister tasked with this globally impacting challenge in the first place? So you see Sir, therein also lay the answers to your question.
As they say, the test of the pudding is in the eating, UMNO-BN is being tested to its limits today. Stop blaming citizens in your country or citizens around the world.
Pray God, have mercy.

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